[H-RP, Forsaken] <Tarren Mill> - "What would you ask of Death?"


Mh, mh, mmmh… maybe I’m gonna have to make myself a corpse, once Dancer here nears 60.


southshore and tarren mill might have fundamental differences but at least we’re no filthy shortcloaks


Best bunch of people around!


The rotten fields of Tarren Mill awoke - or rather stirred, as Tarren Mill needed not for such mortal shackles as slumber - to a strange cacophony that broke the usual sepulchral silence of the industrious settlement: the disgusting bleating of an invading flock of sheep, grazing their way up north through the foothills.

The vile creatures settled for the morning in the Tarren Mill farmlands with their empty gazes, munching through the precious collection of tempting and absolutely crucial flowers and fungi that the Apothecaries saw fit to grow for their wicked scientific pursuits, chewing like insatiable demons. It was not long until several townsfolk gathered with a mix of curiosity, concern, hate and disgust.

((Found footage of the demons, viewer discretion advised: https://webm.red/8qXN.webm ))



I’m glad to see people making guilds that interact with other guilds and opposite faction. If I were a Horde player on this realm I would join. :wink:


A letter is pinned in the center of town’s noticeboard, with the feverish scrawlings and elegantly eldritch calligraphy of Father Richter Newman, addressing the township:

"Brothers and Sisters of Tarren Mill,

The living of Southshore continue to taunt us and to try to push back our borders, encroaching on Forsaken lands not even with the honesty of an army, but with simple and base cattle, confirming that they see us as nothing but animals for their flocks to mingle, and our lands but pasture for them to devour. The vermin have destroyed our Royal Apothecaries’ harvests, which are rightfully tools of the Queen and therefore this action represents a cunning act of sabotage from the Alliance.

If you have any love or respect for your fellow Forsaken, you will report to our Apothecaries in town to aid them in this time, to replace what was lost and to better protect our people. Thus is the Will of the Shadow, as the living show no Respect, challenge our Tenacity and question our Power.

Embrace the Shadow, in the Dark Lady’s name.

Father Richter Newman"

Concepts, projects, guilds

Nice concept, concider joining the forsaken rp discord server, perhaps you can recruit more RPers from there.

Add me on discord if you’re interested


Guys I’m pretty spooked right now.