[H-RP] Hand of the Titans is recruiting!

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Thanks :) I'll keep a look out for the names mentioned in game!

(Aiyvah) #62
Ye, we're pretty dank.

(Nárien) #63
If you see any of us running around, feel free to message us if you have any RP questions or want to join the guild. We're very welcoming :D

(Anroka) #64
New patch, new adventures!

We've just finished our Suramar campaign, which was a lot of fun!

Now, it's time for to rejoin the conflict on the rest of Azeroth and prepare for the Broken Shore with the forces of Legionfall.

Still recruiting, still doing well. Legion has been great so far. :)

(Anyel) #65
So, we're heading to Broken Shore again. Who's with us? We have artefact weapons, holy hand grenades, demon hunters, and ships (still unwrecked!) at our disposal. Not to mention portable portallers, pocket healers, and - Kimble's cookies.

(Anroka) #66
Back from the Broken Shore! Lessons learned. New scars to some day reminisce about. New experiences gained!

We've just had our birthday! Time to build our 8th's year on Azeroth!

I will say that RP on the Broken Shore was challenging, as the changing world quests, Sentinax, and random rare spawns, change the dynamic of the zone more than any other. But that challenge became a part of the experience. So, I will say I am very proud of how that campaign worked out. More stand-alone RP for a while, but there's definitely space for more great campaigns during this expansion.

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02/09/2017 18:11Posted by Anyel
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Be Gentle! This thread is old!

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It's too bad we lost the old thread when we got the new forums. Or the thread would be even older. We're working on year number 8 now!

And as far as I'm concerned, we are only half-way. Events are busy as ever. A new expansion is on the way!

As for what we are up to these days: We have just concluded a few weeks in Pandaria, dealing with dire situations there with the aid of other heroes. Now, we return to Argus with the bulk of our forces, to fight the Legion in their home once more. Wish us luck!

(Xyra) #71
The Argus Campaign is over! And the allied races are here! And the datamining has begun!

Drowning in opportunities for new RP and adventures! I'm loving all of it. ^^

(Hathorion) #72
Posters are hanging everywhere in Orgrimmar:

"Join the Titans. We got Kimble"

(Anroka) #73
A little bump from me. It's been so busy, I've neglected checking in on things here.

Our adventures continue. Plenty of threats going on, as the emergence of Azerite moves the world, and old and new threats are brought to light. Plenty to do, and with Battle for Azeroth on the horizon.

I'm also excited that there will be another real life meeting again this year. This time with a dozen of us in Amsterdam and beyond.

But yes, if new potential members are reading this, and are looking for an active group of adventurers to join, we're still here, and with plenty of activities!

(Anroka) #75
So a busy time it is! We've had an amazing real life meeting with a dozen of us.
We've had an amazing Siege of Undercity event.
And now the new expansion pack is finally here!

I can't wait for us to head to these new lands to find what new adventures await our characters. It's going to be a very interesting time!

(Gosa) #76
It's been really great this expansion. So many adventures! So far we've had a lot of activity on Zandalar, but 8.1 should bring more changes in scenery as well.



So I’ve been playing WoW on and off over the years - and I’ve come back to the game about 2 or so years ago and have participated in RP. Its been fun, but sometime ago this year I’ve hopped off.

Now I’ve recently come back to the game and decided I want to move realms, find a new home - and I’ve come across this thread while browsing the Forums for good places to go to.

I’m a tad young (not a teen, am an adult - so I probably wont ree at you except for comedy’s sake), and I normally play WoW as something akin to a pastime nowadays, basically hopping on and hanging about with Folks as I feel like it, as opposed to making it a full-time thing like I may have used to back in the day (I’m ashamed to admit, I don’t exactly have a job or anything akin to too much RL-responsebilities just yet, which means I tend to have tons of time to go around and do stuff).

I have a fair bit of experience (Written Forum-RP, Tabletop Roleplaying, dabbling in writing and had some experience with WoW RP) - and I can get rather ambitious in terms of stories I’d like to tell. I hope I won’t get too much though, and at the very least I like to think I know my limits well enough ^^;

I’m interested in this guild, and I’d love to participate in whatever you guys have in store - RP or otherwise.

Do I have a possible future home here?

(Xyra) #78

Greetings Vertagh!

It’s good to hear from you. And nice to hear you’re considering our guild. I do believe we may be a good home for you.

I love telling stories, myself. We just finished a long campaign through Vol’dun yesterday. The next step for us to take would be for us to speak ingame, and set up an interview between our characters (Anroka or Gosa), for joining the guild.

There is a bit of a problem however. While writing this, I have noticed that your character is on the server Earthen Ring. This server is not currently connected to the Moonglade/Steamwheedle Cartel/The Sha’tar server group. We are cross-realmed in some places, where we can see each other at times. But it takes a true server connection to be able to join a guild. Blizzard has promised more server connections, which would make the merging of our servers likely, but it was a year since they last spoke of it… Unfortunately this means that, unless you have a character of level 20 or above on the MG/SWC/TST server group, I am not able to give you a place here for now.

I really wish I could tell you otherwise.


Perfectly fine! Like I’ve already said, I was considering moving realms anyway - though it may take a while from now before I can move some of my characters over due to monetary shenanigans ^^;

I’ll let you guys know how it goes - I hope I’ll get to talk to you guys and get to know you all real soon!


So I got a character transfer occuring now - hopefully I can bring this character (Vertagh) along as well. Just waiting to see if I can get in touch with you guys in-game properly ^^’


We’re hunting cultists in Darkshore.

For Azeroth!


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