[H-RP] Orcs of the Red Blade — Celebrating 15 Year Anniversary!

As predicted, the peace didn’t last long! Right now the Red Blade is in Northrend to be a part of the Return of the Damned campaign, fighting some nasty scourge and kicking butt!

would like to join your clan)

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Hello there!
I’m happy to hear that you want to join us!
Feel free to whisper any member in-game when you can! We are at the moment in Razor Hill, Durotar. Tomorrow we’re traveling Shadowprey Village in Desolace. So feel free to try and find someone today, join the traveling tomorrow or try the day after tomorrow if you’d like!
I look forward to see you! ^^

We’re back in Razor Hill to take a little breather from our adventures before we head on over to the Second Grand World Tournament in Pandaria next week! Hope to bump into some familiar faces there! And failing that, you’re of course welcome to seek us our in Razor Hill for a poke!

Check out the tournament in the topic below if you’d like to know more about it.

Now with the Gran Tournament over, the orcs have returned to Durotar!
We rest, we repair, we laugh. Because surely nothing bad happens in Durotar. All peace and quiet.
Folks can now find us at Razor Hill! Come and RP!

A new adventure awaits this week! But before that, we paid a brief visit the to Dance of the Earth Mother, hosted by the Spiritwood Tribe. Good times were had!


For our next campaign, we’ve teamed up with our fine allies from the Ashen Pact and some other good friends! Here are some screenshots taken by Verzan.

The Ashen Pact arrive after an ‘interesting’ journey through the Nightsong woods to get to the Ramparts.

A heavy armoured group from the Ramparts confront Dr RocketHatch at a Goblin Outpost, they use expert amounts of ‘Diplomancy’ to negotiate not breaking the peace.


The temptation to return to RP intensifies.


Some more screenies from our latest campaign, taken by Akshahe and Rykana! After some scrapping at the Mor’shan Ramparts, it’s time to return back to Razor Hill today. Find us there for some casual RP!


An epic orc guild! Love the rp you guys and gals do <3


This past week, we’ve been out adventuring with a bunch of our friends and allies in Pandaria! Here’s a collection of screenshots from Verzan to give an impression of what we’ve been up to during the Divine Crusade!

Skyguard lift a large number of the Ashen Bulwark into the fight to drive the Scourge out of the Temple below.

Close quarters fighting inside the Temple complex, warriors hold the line as the Scourge come piling in to assault them.

Another adventure, Kaitylinn took a team into a deep hidden temple to confront an undead dragon - but things were not what they seemed.

Suddenly smug paladins appear, they blind the group and start monologing like true villains!

Kaitylinn beams everyone out in the same danger portal style as they arrived.

Stew and Stories night at Halfhill, the quiet in the middle of the Divine Crusade storm.

Ser Florian Treiller leading out a group to a Joust against an enemy Crusader.

Mid-Joust just before things went to jelly


Longtime lurker, first time poster. Do you guys accept Mag’har Orcs? Or only Greenskins? Asking for a friend…cough


Best orcs around. Was a pleasure being on campaign with you IC as well as OOC.


First off! I’m sorry that a reply hasn’t come earlier!
But yes! Mag’har are very welcome to the guild! As long as the character is an orc in any way, they’re welcome. We have half-orcs!
So tell your friend, wink wink, that they are welcome to join as a mag’har!

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Great, I’ll try and catch you in-game at some point soon!


Looking forward to hear from you then!
You can find the officers of the guild way up in the first post, but any member of the guild should be able to help you! We’re more active during the evenings, so try then!

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Happy Anniversary!

A great bunch of rp’ers and the Verzan and Rykana are so friendly (and all of the ORB’s are!)

A lovely guild :smiley:


The Clan is back to the sweet lands of Durotar! You can find us in Razor Hill!
Soon it’s Kosh’harg time in Nagrand! But still little over 4 weeks until then, and our Skyguard allies are having a birthday first!
Much can happen until then. Will the clan be safe?

Alas, it looks like i’ll be missing the Kosh’harg festival (again) due to work!

But I recommend folks check it out, and this fine clan all the same. Pinacle of EU Orc RP since 2005!

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I am really happy to see you lot are still going strong. I’ve been trying to keep up slightly with what you have been up to (though mostly through this forum thread) but it looks awesome and like a lot of fun. I hope the kosh’harg will be great as usual, and that you lot won’t run yourself into the ground, i know it can be stressful to plan it all. But it usually works out and turns into a great chain of events.

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