[H-Tauren-RP] Dance of the Earth Mother gathering

Hi All,

The Tauren discord Tauren Chieftains (link for the discord is below), would like to invite all the Shu’halo role players out there, as well as our allies in the Horde to the second Dance of the Earth Mother gathering.

The Taurens traditionally celebrate the changing of the seasons (in RPG this celebration is called the Dance of the Earth Mother) and so, as we move into the summer months in the northern hemisphere, we thought it would be nice to do that in game.

Tauren Chieftains discord invite.

We wanted to put the details up sooner rather than later to enable everyone who would like to attend have enough prior notice.

The event will be happening on Sunday 4th July.

Date: 4th July
Location: Mulgore (Red Cloud Mesa & Bloodhoof Village)
Times: Starting at 7:15pm game time (to start gathering) and finishing at approximately 11/12 in the evening game time.

Dance of the Earth Mother (4th July 2021)

Time : 19:30 / 00:00 realm time (end time is rough approx time).

19:00 - Opening Ceremony with Akulé
  1. All attending the opening ceremony should meet at base of red cloud Mesa, there will be a small prayer before ascending.
  2. The walk to the top of the Mesa will include the altars of Mu’sha and An’she. Please read over the below and make yourselves familiar with it (no sign up needed).
The altars of Mu'sha and An'she (the walk to the top of the Mesa)

On the way up pass the following 2 altars for offerings to be placed into…

  1. Mu’sha’s mirror: chip of your horn / small personal item: as you walk past place a chipping of your horn / small personal item into the large bowl to be submerged in the water - represents the forgiveness of your past sins and being at peace with yourself.

  2. An’she’s beacon: an object to burn in the pyre, the object should be a symbol of your goal or desire.

Ideally have your emotes of putting the offerings into the altars as you pass them on the way up to the top of the mesa itself.

20:30 - The Chronicles of the Shu'halo hosted by the Spiritwood Tribe
  1. An opportunity for the children of the Earth Mother to share stories with one another.
  2. Numbers for listening to the stories are unlimited. The numbers for telling a story are limited to 6 people. Please use sign up form or let Akulé know on the night, if you wish to tell a story.
  3. Each storyteller has 10 minutes. Location: Merchant / Trainer tent in Bloodhoof Village.
21:30 Totem Tossing with Truun

A chance to test your might with who can throw their totems the furthest. Can you proudly boast to your kin, you are just as skilled throwing totems as you are in crafting them? Sign up before and on the night. [contact for sign up: Truun]. First come, first serve for sign ups.

Sign up form:

For events that need a sign up, you can sign up before hand if you wish, please feel free to use this form and copy it onto a post below;

Contact name:
IC name:
Name of event signing up for:


Dust off that Tauren alt I know you have somewhere in that character roster and come join us later this summer! Looking forward to it! :cow2: :evergreen_tree: :mountain:


This is indeed great, several tribes together to celebrate and meet, it is amazing.

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Let’s gooo… I’m very hyped to meet everyone.


See you there :slight_smile:


By the Earth Mother this is based and with the wisdom of An’she, very redpilled.


I put up an event post on the Argent Archives as well, so we can reach more people and also you all will be able to post screenshots or even artwork under the event should you wish, so we can remember our time! :camera_flash:


Very much looking forwards to this! The AA post drew my attention, your plans for the event seem really interesting.


Not long to go for this!

Looking forward to seeing plenty of you all there! :grinning:


Nah… u won’t :^)

Reality is often disappointing. I have failed you master Anrhu. (Meloh died before he could meet his friends.)


Who is ready to share their dreams?

No, really. Gimme.

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Raises a hand!

Slight change for Kodoheart’s event on the first day. I will be hosting it instead! (Just shifting the host between two of my characters since Ravenbraid makes a bit more sense right now).

See y’all soon!

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With the time of year, it would be a perfect time to speak of fire, An’she and growth.
Is that on the agenda at all?


I believe that Akule will touch upon this in the opening ceremony, however if there’s a want for a specific event about this then anyone’s welcome to host it!

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I’ll see if I can can squeeze one in when things are quiet one day, if nothing else surfaces!
(I make no promises)

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Updates on what is on offer for us is now on the main post :smiley:

Some unfortunately, due to IRL have had to be removed from the celebrations, but happy to announce that Aparoshe Stampede and Truun have been a massive help and offered to host their own amazing events (thank you Sabelon and Truun :+1: ).

We’re getting very close, for the event sign up, you should be able to sign up on the night, or on the forum here.

Some of the events may be number limited, so it will be first come, first served.

Looking forward to seeing you all :smiley:


Due to recent developments I am withdrawing my contribution to this event.

It is a shame, seeing as I was excited to host the spiritual readings and as I put effort into the Argent Archives post. But it is what it is.

With recent developments, I am withdrawing my event from this.

It is unfortunate, but I have to make do with what has happened. Perhaps another time, I can host a dream session with a group.