[H-RP] <The Ashen> - Stalwart Defenders of the Horde! 🛡

After hearing reports from concerned citizens and to the call of the Silver Crusade entering the Ghostlands, The Ashen sat for a moment to think.
We thought about what could happen, what should happen and if we were to stand idly by and let it happen. Yet, the Commander steeled his resolve and although asked to remain as Support Auxillary the Ashen have left Orgrimmar under emergency deployment to the Ghostlands. They will clash with the Silver Crusade, Clash with the renegade Alliance and they will defend the High Home.
For it is not just our home that is endangered. It is the Home of the people, the citizens and those who make our every day lives convenient and easy.
We will move to defend them, be the shield against the sword that strikes and we will be the ones to hold fast whilst the Silver tide rushes at us.
For we are the Ashen and we are the Warriors of the Horde who stand in defiance against those who would do it harm.

We are now located in Tranquillien with the ongoing Warsworn RP-PVP Campaign!

If you are interested to do some casual camp RP or just to be there to offer support be it as a healer, etc you are more than welcome to come along!

We can now be found there!


Entry from Felentrick reporting about the battle.

The First battle has been struck, steel and iron clashed in disharmonic choruses.
The Silver Crusade was found to be at the Dawnstar Spire bunkered down with magical barriers and the lot.
Yet, we at the Ashen was not deterred for with our newly acquired Pterrordaxes from Zuldazar, (Thanks Tuk’nulu sorry for stealing your stock I will pay for them…One day.) We managed to ring chaos and disorder to the Alliance forces at first with our bombing runs.
Though as the battle proceeded and much to our expectation we had the upper hand, mole machines erupted from the ground and disembarked by Dwarves. They do not seem to be the same Dwarves I encountered in Tiragarde Sound when leading battle with Tharzog though. They were mixed clans and the likes…Regardless, we had to fend against them and many of them used the sorcery of warlocks and demons. Encountered by a Felguard and swarms of imps we fought long and we did our best. I managed to save one of our people from the Felguards axe throw and get him out of the battle enough to recover to which then the Gronnling “Tiny” whomst we met in Orgrimmar seemed to arrive in time to aid our cause.
In the end the battle was won and we look to scout and prepare for the oncoming battles. I just hope there is no more internal conflicts between certain leaders that just want to do whatever they want…After I told Tharan to try and become Supreme Commander though he seems to of stood up by the War-God’s approval…Though with An’geteb here and Bearmaul…I can only think there is a more ulterior motive from them both.

The first battle has been done and we now look to rest in Tranquillien today! Just to note if you want to show up to Tranquillien to interact with the many groups that have deployed here to the Ghostlands just drop in!


Had this on my mind from the first few hours with you guys:
I haven’t been in this guild for long. Exactly one month.
Been RPing on Alliance for a while, but through my best friend I’ve got to know you wonderful lads ! I just wanted to write a thank you for showing me the joy of Horde RP. As an Alliance at heart, I can now fully accept, that Horde soul of mine in RP!
Horde-RP is not dead after all. It’s very much alive. And extremely refreshing! :star_struck:


I was commanded by the supreme leader to leave a positive comment about how badass this guild is. So I guess I have done just that !


Report of the Ghostlands Defence against the Silver Crusade.

It has been a painstaking long time since last we made a report but to keep it simple I will address the following.
In the Seven or so days that we have been here the Ashen have been fighting tooth and nail against the “Silver Crusade” or so they called themselves. These renegades, pillagers and looters where nothing but Alliance criminals seeking to breach the peace. Under the guise of being non-alliance aligned I recognized a few certain individuals who names have been redacted for political reasonings and to be dealt with by the Alliance Court Marshals on behalf, of the Horde Ambassadory.
These criminals forced their way into Quel’thalas and the Ghostlands seeking out strong and powerful relics claiming it was their “birth right” when infact there is no stake to claim. They killed innocent guardsmen, attacked Tranquillien and pushed a force out to do nothing but war.
With the Horde Forces combined underneath; Tharandor Val’alor we have done what was needed. We stemmed the tide, defeated our foes and furthermore drove them from Quel’thalas before our High Homes esteemed warriors arrived. The groups who served alongside me are the following; Bloodsong, Grimtusk Offensive warband, Kordaw Cohort and individuals such as Tiny the Gronnling. At first I was apprehensive of Tiny but he proved to be a vital key asset in the battle of Dawnstar Spire and without him two of my men would have perished. He should be decorated with full Horde medals.
Though less of the others and more of what the Ashen did. We bombed our enemy with the newly acquired Pterrordax Flock from Zuldazar on the courtesy of former Centurion Nkiruka’s brother Tuk’nulu.
The Goblin parts made by famed war engineer Chigo Zoomdrill and lastly our men and women in the Ashen.
Outside of the bomb runs and strafes we did we also fought hard on the frontlines and flanks.
Today marking the final day of the “Silver Crusades” assault the Horde forces pushed underneath Warlord Tagar Bearmaul’s leadership. Whilst the Ashen routed out the last remaining Quel’dorei in the Ghostlands. We have since detained some of them and dispatched others as a statement that Quel’thalas will never fall again.
Since, we have made new bonds in battle. Welcomed new allies to the Ashen’s name and we’re in a healthier state than I could of imagined after this gruelling Campaign.
Now we will look to reunite with some of our injured and wounded in Orgrimmar and from there we will see where our paths take us.
This is all to conclude for my report;
Commander Felentrick Telazane.

So with the Campaign now over and what a ride it was! We at the Ashen will be returning to Orgrimmar and setting up for newer storylines along the way.
You’re more than welcome to find us in Orgrimmar and interact with us again! We are also still recruiting and are welcoming of any new or returning Horde members to the team!

Have a great weekend! :smile:

  1. Disturbing reports of people hearing a song and a voice as well as Nerubians that are apparently ripping up from the ground and dragging these people off. Horde citizens, travellers and the likes. All happening around Silithus. It is the Ashen’s duty to respond and protect those who cannot fend for themselves.

Joined in this effort the Ashen are aware the Grimtusk Offensive are to be moving there as well so they will have some allies to help aid their cause


After following up to the reports of the missing people in Silithus the Ashen have now arrived to join the multi-group organized joint efforts.
We now prepare ourselves for the first battle which is due to come tomorrow and we will find out what exactly we are dealing with!

The Ashen are now away from Orgrimmar and part of the “Into the Dark” Campaign!
We look forward to working with many of the other guilds and groups here and we will be back in Orgrimmar around the 16th May!

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From arriving in Silithus to joining the Leader’s meetings. The Ashen have since transversed the tunnels alongside new and old allies alike. Now finding themselves in Apex Outpost with many of the other Horde groups, they prepare for more enticing endeavours of enemies to fell!
We have set up our camp and we now prepare to defend our outpost tonight against the enroaching Nerubian army!


For the Ashen during this rest period it has been a rest and celebration.
For the Ashen, has grew internally with bonds forged and promotions added.
Aluin Solflame took up the mantle of Centurion making him the Fourth person to ever hold the Centurion’s whip and mantle in the Ashen’s ledgers.
Sara Kawalsky and Kahly Goldbloom became the first two Honorsworn of the Ashen.
A new Companion was raised along with the other promotions; Elise Autumnheart the groups first medic and nervewracked healer.
They gained two new allies under their banner; Tog’ar Bonebreaker and Stella the Nightborne Scholar.
Finally, they discussed their moments and cherished the memories of the battles they have fought since the first rekindling of the Ashen. It has been a short but tumultuously long journey for them all. They are now rallied together as one people and with the new chef to aid Felentrick in making the feast they eat and drink in naught but happiness and kinship. A proud day to be Ashen.


He did not mention my name as to not boost my already huge ego, in case you are wondering. Understandable, all things considered.


We’re currently knee-deep in nerubian blood with the Into the Dark server campaign, amazing stuff really.

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Today was a close call for the Ashen.
With one of their Honorsworn stricken down in combat against the Nerubian threat it was Sara who was within the throes of a second death. Her spirit has passed the veil in an unknown state of return. Memories flooding and washing away though, managing to pull her spirit together she did make a return.
Though, the group was prepared to say farewell we was happy at the recovery with the usage of a healthstone and the Witch Doctor Ra’fu who sought to make a bargain with one of the loa.
Now we can safely rest and lick our wounds, recover and prepare for the fights ahead.
For the Horde!


I’d love to post on my ACTUAL RP character who is in the guild, Elise, but sadly the forums wont update and she doesn’t exist on my character list.

So instead - I’ll bump the thread on my raid character and say - Ive had nothing but great fun since I joined the Ashen, and they’re an amazing bunch of folks. We’ve had a blast in this campaign!


I had to log in and out of the forums with my account, that had fixed it for me!
Blizzard smol Indie Company

That aside, you have found gold :partying_face:
Ya’ll try to come back in one piece


As the end of the Campaign begins to draw near the Ashen are preparing to take some time to rest and relax. They are in need of peace for a time.

Come next Wednesday they will set out to return to Orgrimmar and a few days later, Halfhill in Pandaria. Where Felen plants to hold a little gathering of friends and allies as well as a fierce competition.

I present to you my friends;
“Hellfire Kitchen: The Ashen Edition!”
A competition held around cookery and skills in general where people of the allied groups will come head to head to face off against one another and perhaps win some tasty prizes not just bought supplies for a time but maybe even more.

The invitation will be extended closer to the date.


Ok here I am commenting again, woopty do.

Felen is a terrible leader. The rest? Yeah their fine. Solid lads. Good to play with. Havin’ couple laughs IC and OOC. Felen? Felen sucks though. You should join us despite Felen being around.


I have the receipts of you saying something completely different.

How Felentrick is one of the best commanders youve seen and does his role justice. :smirk:


This people are some of the greatest on the Horde side. Amazing folks, very welcoming and always up to something. If you wish to join a guild with lots of adventure, brotherhood, to feel included in a family. Trust me, this lot are the thing.

Have known them for a long while especially their GM who is alot of cooler and good looking then i can ever be. (Totaly forced to write that).

Amazing folks on the Horde community, i totaly advice everyone to give em a shot! Epic/10.


With the Campaign now starting to enter it’s last days the Ashen look forward to returning home to Orgrimmar and beyond so that they can finally rest and relax.

A time without battle and a time to nurse our major wounds is what is needed and potentially a chance to build more people for the rising darkness of enemies that swathe their ways to our world.

We stand as one, For the Horde.

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Tonight the Ashen proved well against the final stands of their enemies. Fighting against a Nerubian researcher.
The Researcher had infiltrated a facility on which a Keeper was dormant. Infusing it with the void and though the Ashen and their allies at the group managed to defeat the enemy it was not the last of the battle.
For when they reached the last room there was four conduits that kept the Nerubian researcher safe. The researcher was acting on behalf of the void and though he had failed in his research the void made sure to answer in kind to the wayward warriors. Ushering in a larger voidwalker or rather a mini voidlord the Ashen and allies fought a tedious battle. A brutal one as well.
Though we overcame it all we now look to rest with many of the Ashen wounded we have no choice but to wait a couple more days for our return.