[H-RP] <The Ashen> - Stalwart Defenders of the Horde! 🛡

About Us

Our community dates back to 2017.

It is a Horde Warband centrally focused on the bonds forged through battle and time with their Horde kinsmen.

We’re also proud to boast we’re very active in and outside of events.

So if you’re searching for a Warband and themed guild around all the races of the Horde travelling and defending it’s people or helping taken an offensive wherever it’s needed. Then we at the Ashen are for you!

With many adventurous storylines, a long history, events be it small or big every other day and of course the familial bonds of the Horde!

What we’re looking for?

We’re looking for people who are passionate about RP and willing to dedicate themselves to helping not just make our guild or be a number in our events but, to help our community as well. The Horde is a place that is fueled with diverse characters, stories and arcs for each of the races that we seek to enjoy thoroughly.

We’re a group dedicated on keeping things laidback and relaxed. We all have grown over the years and majority of us are adults so we are looking to keep that vibe going constantly.
(With that said the same applies to attendance / activity - We get that we’re now more busier than ever. Work, School, Jobs, Other Games and ofcourse Kids!)

So with that said and done, we also are looking for people who are looking for some good storylines and narrative arcs that involve your character and eventually the progress of them becoming a core part of our group.

We are a guild that is open to all people from different walks of life and people who are looking for a place to just do some good RP.

We plan to work with a multitude of groups and their events as well as help repopulate Horde as a general plan! We care greatly for our community and look forward to seeing you all in the future! (Even if it isn’t a part of us! Take care :slight_smile: )


We are accepting of ALL HORDE RACES as well as CLASSES!

For signing up and joining if interested you can contact the following to join;

  • Felentríck (Whispers, In Game Mail, alternatively my discord; “scuffather0”)

  • Sólflame (In Game Mail, Whispers)

Our Story So Far:

The Ashen are a group that fought on many battlefronts and battlefields under Felentrick Telazane’s Command.

Originally founded in 2017 as the Ashen Order, Felentrick set out to make a group dedicated to servicing and helping the Horde from the wars of the Legion up until the ending of the Fourth.

Throughout our journey we encountered many different types of enemies be it from the Alliance, Cultists, Demons and even the Scourge to magical beasts we managed to conquer throughout our many journeys and win many battles whilst also facing gruelling losses over the years.

We also, explored the vast new lands such as the Broken Isles, Zuldazar and the forgotten kingdom of Kul’Tiras in efforts for the 4th.

Alas for information’s sake the Ashen’s rules, settings and core fundamentals are that it has always and always will be a form of Warband that rely solely on their bonds forged from battle and losses alike.

Many people have come and gone, retired, passed or atleast fought for a while before moving onto more suited groups. Yet it is often not that people say they have not heard of The Ashen.

The group as an overall have followed and chased different types of the Military’s rankings and structures as well as different divisions such as; Assault, Defensive, Relief Aid and the likes. However, the Ashen has always proved to work best as a front-forward assault division and defence unit.

Now, after all our trials and tribulations the group has returned after many years spent in these countless battlefields.

We have left the Horde Military Services not out of want or need but for there is no reason for a Warband when there is no War atleast in High Command’s eyes. There are still people to protect, places to secure and homes to rebuild.

“The General” may have retired from the Military Services but he has still taken the position as Commander of the Ashen.

He has assumed normal duties of travelling around Azeroth with those that still live for the Horde to this day. Taking on new faces as the tale continues on for the Haggard Elf and his band of warriors.

Will you too be another one to join along for a time? Or will you become a main part of the family that we have forged and created over our years of battlefronts and fields?

That is upto you to decide.

For more information about the Ashen such as our ranks, the many campaigns of AD we’ve been in can be found below :point_down:

The Ashen's Ranking System

Commander - Overall Leader

Centurion - Few have earned the right to be named Centurion only three people have been known to hold it. It is the right hand of the Ashen and the secondary leader.

Legionnaire - is the left-hand and third on the path of leader.

Champion - The Champions are the main officers of the Ashen. They will lead where the other’s cannot.

Sergeant - The Sergeant is a lesser ranking and a first stepping stone in the officer path of the Ashen. This is where they begin to feel the burdens of leadership. Tasked with keeping the Ashen’s wild group in line whilst maintaining respect, honor and keeping good face for the Division. Is this the rank that makes or breaks you in our path?

CORE RANKS / Non Officers
Honorsworn - A role model and stand out soldier for others to follow. People who have followed with no waiver and people who have always been there when called upon and needed. To be part of the Honorsworn is one of the highest honorary rankings in the group.

Companion - Beloved friends and fighters, people who are fondly looked upon as the main core of the Ashen and the people who make the Ashen what it is.

Unblooded - Someone who has just recently joined to the warband and signed up, the starting ranking of the group people who’re considered “Unblooded” don’t stay clean for long

Server Campaigns we've partook in over the years!
  • These Campaigns are notably;

  • The North Star Campaign

  • Twilight Star Campaign

  • Blood Modan II

  • The Savannah Campaign

  • The Twilight Dawn Campaign.

  • End of Days Campaign.

  • Uldum accord defence against Nzoth

  • Twilight’s End Campaign.

  • Uldum Nights

  • Drums of War Campaign(s) - Part 1 & 2. (Based around the War of Thorns)

  • Operation Tiragarde! (Hosted by Path of Glory)

  • The Silver Crusade’s Assault of the Ghostlands. (Hosted by the Warsworn RP-PVP Community!)

  • Into the Dark Campaign


You can find either myself Aluin Solflame (Sòlflame) or Felentrick Telezane in either Orgrimmar or Silvermoon. Feel free to approach if you’re interested!


Stormwind, for a Horde military guild? Did you mean Silvermoon?

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I only just realised this typo as well he was having a senile moment :rofl::joy:

What meant to say was Silvermoon.

This Ashen and their GM and i goes far back. Now just cause we are on positive terms does not mean i am not fully truthful in my words. For indeed i am when i say this lot are a great bunch. Amazing sense of brotherhood both IC and OOC. You always feel welcome and be part of an family. The GM has great experience and will never disappoint.

If you are into the adventure close nit companionship then this guys are for you!

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A new dawn, a new battle.

The time had come where Felentrick had returned to active duty and resumed the Ashen as an order.
Banding along with a new recruit and an old battle-brother Aluin his now acting Second and Captain the group had recieved the plea for aid and help from older faces and ties from when even Felen barely held a candle of a name for himself the Bloodsong. A group he had help reform just a few months prior to retirement they had been attacked by the Alliance over in the Hinterlands and with that, The Ashen mobilized in a form of honorbound recognition to their old compatriots in the Bloodsong.

Now we find ourselves, entrenched within the Hinterlands outnumbered massively by an Alliance oppressor with the Bloodsong and old kin alike the Sin’Serrar. Yet again, we will not bow, we will not yield we will carry out our duty as Warriors to protect our battle-brothers and sisters.
We may be injuired, our hands blistered from the hold out against the slog in the rain and mud but we will prevail or atleast make room for our allies and the innocent to get back to Safety in more prosperous lands.

This is the Vow of the Ashen, we will protect the weak, aid the needy and honor the weary .

Our first big thing just happened and here we are already 2 days in and back into action! If you want to learn more information you can find any rumour mill from the Warsworn of Argent Dawn thread and discord!

We look forward to rebanding and progressing forward to help revitalize our Horde Community!

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After having spent a couple of days around the Hinterlands and aiding with the alliance incursion and threat. The Ashen have now gathered that the Bloodsong are in a good place to relinquish support. With the Sin’serrar being around as well as more people trickling in by the day to offer their support the Ashen has opted to take the injured and any deceased Horde soldiers back to Orgrimmar to where they can be tended to and treated.

With that we have decided to move back to around Orgrimmar and Silvermoon where you can find us helping around be it through doing our own mini events or with just casual RP aroudn the two hubs. We’re open to recruitment and look forward to seeing new and old faces alike!

If you do see us feel free to come and strike up some RP that’s what we’re hoping to do by moving back to the Hubs and if you haven’t already join the Horde Casual Discord for any upcoming Horde events as well as just to figure out where everyone is upto!
We’ll see you soon and to the people and groups in the Hinterland it was some fun RP! We hope to interact further in the future!


Edited to make adjustments and clear up a lot of the post and break it down in to easier to digest chunks. I realised the original version didn’t really give much info. :eyes:

After having been asked to assist the local grunts that had lost a couple of patrols recently near the abandoned Boulder Lode Mine, the Ashen found themselves amidst a uprising of Quilboar! Quickly dispatching through their numbers they wasn’t quite prepared for the rise of a bog beast summoned by their thornspeakers!
With the Quilboar now killed the Ashen moved around and fought a tireless battle against the magically imbued bog beast though ultimately came to a victorious outcome.
Having avenged the Grunt patrols and finding their medallions and weapons the group treaded back to Orgrimmar to grant these signets and weapons back to the other Grunts allowing the families the notification of the Grunts passing.

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A courier had arrived during the early morning hours.

Contained within the message showed;
“To Whomever this letter reaches,
We here at the High Home have recieved an influx of reports about a spillage of Scourge being reanimated in the Plaguelands and brought forth through the gates of Quel’Thalas.
Our Farstriders have been dispatched and sent to scout out the area and we recieved word about a potential stronghold in the Ghostlands where the treacherous Dar’Khan Drathir once held his position. So as of today we request any help towards repairing the Gates and culling the numbers of the Region.
Trust we will endorse whatever unit arrives and we hope that it comes soon before we end up with another march through the Dead Scar…We do not want a repeat of history.”
Signed, Magister Leonthras Alarrassian

It seems the ideal of protecting the borders whilst other groups are dispatched across the lands has arrived just in time for the Ashen to take up a protective defence once again.

Our next mission is at hand!

Joining alongside the great hunt for the beast named “Cragbreaker”, the Commander and Captain tagged in with the Warscreams as well as Rokamo, Kirru and Askari!

A fierce battle ensued between the group as they discovered the mighty beast was a Thunder Lizard and after a short but enduring battle the Hunters succeeded with Felen striking the killing blow upon the beast!

With victory taken and new bonds of kinship lit between the Warscreams as well as Askari Tuskwrangler and Kirru joining alongside for the time being with the Ashen who knows for what comes next?

What we do know is that there is rumour of the scourge beginning to flood in at the gates to Quel’Thalas once again rallied behind a Warlord of unknown origin. To prevent such a tragedy happening again the Ashen will be moving to deal with these Scourge blights soon enough!

For now we remain posted and aiding around Orgrimmar’s defences so if you wish to join the Ashen or simply get to know us you can find us at any time around the Valley of Honor once again!

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After a last night of reprieve and the joyous hunt that occurred the night before, the Ashen now watch in Orgrimmar as the sun rises again.
Knowing that today was the day they set out again for another battle and another threat at hand. This time in the High Home of Silvermoon, the borders of Quel’thalas had been attacked suddenly by a new entourage of Scourge and words of a potential Warlord to boot.

It is now that the Ashen set foot to base around Silvermoon and get ready for the battle ahead as they cut the numbers coming towards Silvermoon and Eversong Woods!

You can now find us in Silvermoon City for Casual RP or if you’re interested in joining along our adventures!

We will mostly be found in the Royal Exchange and get ready to move out into dealing with this new threat that anyone is free to join along if they catch us before we set off!

Report of Night #1 dealing with the Scourge Threat:
To what we’ve seen and encountered since our arrival in Silvermoon and travelling to spectate and scout out our enemy we have come to realise they are a formidable army.
Large structures protruded from Deatholme as well as a Crystal that shot out necrotic energy into the very scar itself raising our own dead to be turned into Shamblers, Ghouls and worse.

I have tasked myself with recruiting the Sin’Serrar to aid in the sizable force that now marches from Deatholme further into Quel’Thalas.

We first encountered their top Lieutenants; Glubdub, an abomination of little smarts but tenacity and ferocity. Well armoured. Seems he will be one of the figures to look out for in the battle to come.

Their Warlord was raised before us as we painted ourselves in ash and ghoul guts to appear scourge ourselves he has gave the order for Glubdub and his shamblers to march on Tranquillen tomorrow for a pillage and for fresher corpses.

I have passed on this information to Commander Val’alor of the Sin Serrar who will assist us in the coming days against such a sizeable threat.

Commander Felentrick Telazane of the Ashen.


Night #2 of the Scourge Threat:

The Ashen dispatched themselves to Tranquillien where they learned that the scourge army was ready to assault. First they started with ghouls and geists, a thick shadow miasma covered the area. It was hard to see and to breathe but we managed to muster the strength to fend off the first wave. Many casualties ensued with the local forces but, we’re working on recovering and aiding them.

With news we can say that two of the Lieutennants from the Scourge Army have been felled. We dealt with the abomination ‘Glubdub’, The Sin Serrar with joint forces from House Mournflame dealt with the Necromancer Lieutennant responsible for the miasma.

As waves continued to hit through the night it brought us all to a last stand though we overcame the major assault we are able to safely call Tranquillien a safe place again from the enemy forces.

Tomorrow we move to take the Dead Scar and set up our forward operations to where we will look to ending the incursion from Deatholme and with it, the Warlord that has risen.

Blood and Honor to our Warriors and Proud Defenders of the Horde.

Commander Felentrick Telazane

Tomorrow will be a rest day for this once event now turned into a Campaign and Flashpoint to defend Quel’thalas.
If people are looking to enjoy some of the open door drop in events you are more than welcome to joining along! Or even just to find some casual RP we will be here!

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Day 3 of the Scourge Incursion:
With Tranquillen defended the Ashen travelled into the Deadscar where troops had been deployed to push back the Undead’s front further yet, we found little to no survivors.
After some time we stumbled upon the last troop being surrounded by ghouls and geists to which we fought and defended them as best as we can.
Though we was yet to face our greatest adversity yet, A flesh bound behemoth.
The Foe was mighty and strong. Though our Ashen emerged victorious…
However, it had not gone unnoticed.
The gates of Deatholme opened and the Dead marched out on patrol, calling all who dared within.
With the Necromancer destroyed and the Flesh behemoth felled we find ourselves camped by in the hills of the Ghostlands.
The Ashen will breach the walls upon the eve of Friday and storm the citadel! We will gain our victory and we will end this mad incursion at our High Home’s door.
Until then my friends…We will see you soon.
Captain Aluin Solflame.
The Ashen.

For now we remain camped away from Orgrimmar, however if you wish to swing by Tranquillen you are more than welcome to where you can drop in and get a slice of the action!

But, will the Ashen return and survive after this crusade?
There is only one way to find out.

We are still recruiting so if you join the Warband you are more than welcomed to draw steel along with us!


Day 4 of the Scourge Incursion

We Ashen finished setting up our camp outside the walls of Deatholme to which we spied their numbers and total left over reinforcements.

We made use of our bombs that was provided to us from our Undead Mercenary; Sara and the wings of Luna which gave Sara the better opportunity of causing chaos for the enemy numbers.

With bombs dropped into the fortress and a strafe run brought in from the duo we managed to set the structures alight and disorganize our enemy. To which, Sara and Luna soon opened up the gates safely for us to charge in and make grand use of it all.

With the total numbers of the fortress eradicated; Abominations, Black guards and necromancers we found ourselves in the central chambers of the main tower searching for the enemy “Scourgelord”.

Though they spoke through empty words yet no body to speak from…An enchantment or communication of some sort I am not really aware of. They Did leave a nice surprise for us…A lot of blight.
The blight that did harm our people was a type of acid enough to burn away at our armor and flesh but not enough to kill us. Though it did strike down Sara’s devilsaurs again though with them being undead perhaps Mirth can ressurect them and get them sorted again…He seems good at that. We will still stand strong though banged up and wounded we must fight on.

There is rumours that theres more enemies are gathering towards the Goldenmist Village or atleast what is left of it.

That will be our last push and if our Scourgelord is there, I am sure we will succeed.

Commander Felentrick Telazane.

We now move back to Tranquillien and prepare for our final push on our enemy numbers. Having gave up the fort our Scourgelord now has set himself up in Goldenmist and with one last push tomorrow we aim to finish our enemy there.
If you are in the area you’re still free to join! We gather at 2100 Realm Time! :slight_smile:
After that who knows where our path takes us next perhaps back to Orgrimmar after a nice day or two of recovery in Silvermoon.


Day 5 of the Scourge Incursion

Tonight was the night we prepared for our assault upon the Village but, as we was ready to set out a Farstrider had arrived. Gravely wounded and labored breathing she was infected by the Warlord’s bile and serum which caused a turning of her flesh and into undeath.

Upon hearing her, screams for mercy and pleading we was too late to save her and only realised the destruction she would bring is about to follow.

Rampant brigades of Ghouls, Geists and the Warlord himself appeared before the Village as she screamed her final screech and a fierce battle was fought.

We have taken many blows, hits and injuries over the course of this ‘Campaign’ to secure the Ghostlands, we have also brought Victory in our wake. It is no thanks to the aid of those who came before, the locals and my Ashen that we still stand today.

The Warlord was an undead giant and he has now since been killed by our shaman’s hand along with Aluin decimating the legions. Myself and the others managed to put our stand in but, these two are the ones who fought bravely and valiantly the most. Aluin now carries the head as a trophy.

This has been a long, brutal and gruelling challenge for us and for the people of the Ghostlands but we have made it through.

Now draws the end of our time here in Quel’thalas and it is bittersweet to leave. I trust I will be able to visit my children before we return though and see how my partner is doing.

Commander Felentrick Telazane.

Thus concludes our Campaign in the Ghostlands and Eversong!

I want to give a big shout out again to everyone that participated from guilds (Sin Serrar, House Mournflame), to individuals (Thank you Lady Mage!) to my own group as well.

It’s been a long week and now the Ashen can take a couple of drinks; Rest & Relaxation over in Silvermoon and Orgrimmar!

So if you’re about feel free to drop by and say Hi!

Here’s to our next campaign Soon!


Cool guild with amazing DMs that put character flaws and strength into consideration always! Where characters are allowed to have their fair share of spotlight even with bad rolls (speaking out of experience…) :smiley:

Been with them for but two week, but damn has the weeks been fun. Can strongly recommend! :saluting_face:

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Joined an ongoing event, completely randomly and was brought in with open arms. They seem really neat and down to earth. Also the event itself was well put together and fun to be apart of. Good bunch!


After assisting their battle-brother Askari Tuskwrangler soothe the Elementals in Eversong, The Ashen have returned home to Orgrimmar where they eagerly await their next deployment.

Hello! We’re now back in Orgrimmar so feel free to drop by and say hello for some casual RP or to even sign up if you’re interested! :slight_smile: