[H-RP] The Blood Bound


The drums of war thunder once again.

The war for Azerite has become a war for survival. The Alliance bands together against us. If we hope to survive, the Horde must unite as well. In the wake of the war, several bands of Horde soldiers have bonded together to form the Blood Bound, to share our strengths and resources in order to preserve our way of life.


The Blood Bound is a coalition of Horde-side RP Guilds. It hosts several sister-guilds of various unique themes and backgrounds, to best fit all types of characters, while remaining open and inclusive to all.

If our blood elf centric guild, the Sanguine Aegis, is hosting an event to protect the borders of Quel’thalas, Bladewolf Raiders may show up to assist their allies. If our dark magic guild, the Delmoore Organization, is exploring a mysterious tomb for its artifacts, the Blood Bound may send soldiers to guard them, etc.

The Blood Bound was originally forged by four guilds, the Bladewolf Raiders, the Delmoore Organization, the Sanguine Aegis, and the Blood Bound. Though more guilds may band with them in time.

More info on each guild:

The Blood Bound:

The Bladewolf Raiders:

Delmoore Organization:

The Sanguine Aegis:

The Sanguine Aegis are a force who are first and foremost concerned with the protection and promotion of Quel’thalas. Established by the order of the Blood Knights, and led by Lord Peltharion Embersworn and Ranger-Captain Salarya Amin’dal, they ensure that the interests of the Sin’dorei and the honour of their men is carried through into the wider horde.

Together we shall stand against those who would see our people fall. Selama ashal’anore!

The Atal’Zandalar

The Garad’kra:

The Hand of Suffering:

If you are interested in joining any of these guilds, be sure to poke Zarcoz, Cave, Duskhallow, Peltharion, Veldaren, or Meriel in-game, or /join LFRP and ask for us!

We also have a Discord channel, and an in-game community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/WqlY30UYOm?region=EU&faction=Horde


The Blood Bound is still going strong, and Horde side Rp is going strong alongside it, we’ve seen many people join our little community and I hope we can keep that up, never hesitate to ask around for us, we take any comers!

The idea of unity is important, I saw when the bubbles reigned and small groups didn’t interact and I hope to bring that to an end at some point, by getting everyone together!

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