[H-RP] The Hallowed Host 🚩


More Larry pieces, the one living survivor upon the pirates vessels. I am sure more Larry pieces to follow from folks.

Creaking, always creaking. Never ending creaking. Everything creaked and she was going mad. The song of the sea people always called it, the background music of a ship at work that seemed to call to the hearts of sailors. Suzie didn’t hear any music, just a maddening noise that drove her to the very depths of the vessel trying to escape it. Right to the make-shift cell of their one living guest, Larry.

“Gnolls. Gotta be Gnolls, always a good bunch to work with and born pranksters makes the voyages go by a lot quicker.”

Larry sat against the back of the cell, a empty wooden plate beside him from a previous meal. His knees hunched up close to his chest hugging them tight against him as his mouse-like face rested on them looking out at the Goblin on the other side of the bars in much the same position hugging herself closely. With a scratch of her scabbed chin she thought over what the man had said nodding to herself.

“Not had any bad encounters really with Gnolls, we had a few drunks down in Gadgetzan but ain’t much different from anyone. Few of our bruisers were Gnolls, great for scarin confessions outta folks.”

Suzie idly sat back talking away both smiling at one another dragging up histories to pass the time, any conversation to escape the general sense of unease being on the voyage of the damned. Drumming her fingers on her arm, wriggling her nose she tried to remember details of her time back in Gadgetzan.

"Relkor, that’s it. Sorry was tryin ta’ think of the Gnoll I got partnered with for a gig. Basic protection work for a water trader, had the poor Dwarf scared to death every second bein followed around by us two. Watchin’ him jump every time Relkor giggled away like a hyena. Of course, there I was throwin jokes out to get em doin that.”

The human chuckled trying to imitate a hyena laugh himself joining in on the story from the Goblin. It was some-what heart warming for Suzie seeing a face that didn’t hold such contempt even if only for a few moments of the day.


With the scourge now on the rampage across Azeroth, the Host decided to plunge feet first into the fray, heading to lands where the enemy is fiercest and thickest. (We’re adamant this is purely because it means there’s more of them to destroy, and nothing to do with heroics).

From the eastern plaguelands, assaulting Cult of the damned strongholds, and moving on to pursue a defiant banshee to the Ghostlands… there’s no rest for the Damned. :skull:

The Cult of the damned and their monsters have nowhere to hide.

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Excuse me, Yorold. But, we too are people. We just like to mindlessly convert you to better side and give no damn about life. But calling us monsters, is rather insulting. Please send formal apologie or more meat to the slaughter to Icecrown.



But, You should join these guys

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…I don’t know how to continue this narrative. I’ve never gotten a sternly written letter from the bad gu-- ‘other groups’ before.


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I’ll wait. Nothing personal, Yorold. I just like to see you game end last.

We have continued to build upon our Shadowlands narrative. Setting up a Narrative that will ultimately see us reclaim our place in Vengeance landing.
But before that can be done we must first continue to take the fight to the Scourge.

We are also preparing an rp break for the Launch of shadowlands. While individual members can still rp there won’t be any official events to allow people to focus on levelling and experiencing the full scope of content that the new expansion has to offer.

If you are interested in the guild and the role we will play in Shadowlands? If you want to join us as we explore the realms of the dead and learn to use the powers within for the good of the Horde? Then contact us at any moment and we’ll be happy to help.


And that’s a wrap until after SL launches!

A whole realm of dead folks to bother, oh the possibilities!

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Well, Shadowlands is here and with it comes many opportunities for some fantastic RP. Can’t wait to see what the dead gang will get upto when we hit the realm of the dead!


There is only the path. The Archon will show us the way

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The true path is war. For Primus.

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–To ultimately aid the good people of Revendreth. :vampire:

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Hmmmm, even though I do not like you, but my duty is to defend the Shadowlands. In the field, I hope we see.

I mean, that is harsh, we should drink rum :cocktail: together and hash it out.

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She gets it. For the Primus!


We all know Bastion and Stewards is the best!

Everyone enjoy Shadowlands o/

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Having a great time with gameplay in the actual best covenant; Necrolords! It has meant spending less time in my character’s head IC though, hence writing a little.


A small piece as Shadowlands progresses in the opening weeks and a small RP break is had to enjoy such.

Leaking, it was always leaking. Suzie stared for a long time at the constant dripping through the roof of her small metal box like residence. Watching every drip wondering what mixture of coolant, sludge, sewer water or even blood made up the total cesspit contents. Following the drip until it hit her golden shaped disc that hummed by its own power, a divine aura that turned even the foulest substance into a sparkling drop of purity. Running down to a collecting bowl at the base illuminated by candles sending their own wisps of smoke upwards. Being even in near proximity caused parts of her skin to tingle with the barest signs of burning, the slow crisping of flesh that was routinely patched over and repaired.

“Some answers would be helpful about now.”

She continued to stare at the disc, hoping for some kind of sign. A message from the Holy Light that might illuminate some kind of reason to the madness she had been reading through lately. A stack of reports lying by her smoothed stone chair in the corner fluttered slightly in some ethereal wind, she pinched the bridge of her nose casting an eye at the pile.

“I know, I have read em a hundred times. I need clarity here, not chasin more gossip and half baked rumours from the beyond.”

With a heavy sigh she plunged her hands into the bowl of purified water and flicked the droplets over the disc muttering the same prayers even as her hands smoked and bubbled under the torture. Dragging her feet over to the chair she picked up the top report blinking at it, scattered rambling scribblings from drunken adventurers claiming of things beyond comprehension from the Shadowlands. “Castles in the sky… Endless forests…”

She thumbed through the rest of the stack looking at the same. Wild tales from the minds of cultists only said the same thing, little substance and fits of imagination run wild but there had to be a thread of truth amidst it all. She stopped at a page simply called ‘Anima’ looking through it revealed nothing of use.

“Wispy blue magic… Red blood… Crystal water…”

How she longed for a simple crime, a simple investigation of motive and crime scene. Interrogate the suspects and kick down a few doors, and now she was expected to make some kind of sense of the afterlife ripping itself open in the sky.

“I mean, what am I supposed to do with and I am quotin’ here. ‘Angry purple lady threw a spear at me.’ Can these adventurers at least try and be a bit more ya know, descriptive?”

She looked over the report at the other chair opposite her where a small fungal sporeling fast asleep with a pile of parchments folded around them like a blanket snored quietly. A steady pattern of gurgling as he waved a small paw at her in dismissal.

“You ain’t helpful either, Host pays your wages too ya know and we gotta look like we know half of what is goin on in front of em!”

Suzie threw the report stack to the floor sighing in frustration. Giving her chin a small scratch she stared at the ceiling that was covered in yellowing damp scrolls littered in various glyphs and runes. A few shopping lists making the haphazard wallpaper she had stuck around the place.

“Castles in the sky…”

Edit: Obligatory Kyrian is the best covenant for the record.


Great writing as ever, Suzie!

Meanwhile, RP resumes for us in just under a week! Let damnation and great plots reign! :skull: :partying_face:

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Even the Undead take a break for the holidays every once in a while. Happy holidays to all of you folks around, hope that you have a great time celebrating however you usually do!

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