[H-RP] The Spiritwood Tribe 🐮

Thank you everyone who joined in for the Return of the Damned 3 campaign.

We really enjoyed it and are taking a well deserved rest back in Feralas.

Well be continuing with chapter 2 storyline next week, but this one is chilled social rp back in the forest, please come and say hello if we invited you (and even if we didn’t!).

Be good to keep in contact with everyone.


Will definitely come visit you in Kalimdor. Thoroughlyenjoyed being on campaign in Northrend with this amazing guild.


Thank you to the Orcs of the Red Blade who we joined last night on a journey into Thousand Needles (we were harassed along our way by Kaldorei, sharks and Undead Wyverns before finally beating back a persistent Necromancer, who escaped by purposefully being grabbed by sharks to evade us).

We’re still in Feralas and saying hello to anyone who passes near.

Soon we’re going to start reaching out to new friends and asking if it’s ok if we come and visit (hopefully you’ll say yes! xD)


Thank you to everyone for tonights event where we’ve got a lead on the Necromancer causing havoc in Feralas and possibly Thousand Needles.

We’re still in Feralas but moving East to Dustwallow Marsh this Wednesday, so if you see us as we’re travelling, say hi and hopefully offer some food! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Respect to the Tauren :leaves:


Thank you Truun for brining us to Dustwallow Marsh.

Having interesting times with Crocolisks and fishing to keep the Ogres calm.

We’re around for a while longer before heading off to Pandaria, so if you come across us in the Marsh, say hello! (we’ve already had our fortunes read from fish guts from one Tauren, didn’t sound too good, second opinion wouldn’t go amiss!).

Thank you to everyone who attended the Totem Carving talk this eve.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Been having fun riding Goblin rockets on our journey to the Grand World Tournament., sorting out a fly infestation, fighting schools of trout and salmon, visions in the marsh and meeting family members.

We’re in Pandaria, soon to be back in the Barrens as we make our way back to Feralas.

Creating loads of new memories here and meeting plenty more people along the way!

Always welcome random walk up rp and for those in the totem talk, if you would like to visit us about carving your own totem, we’d welcome you with open arms!


Friendly bump for the awesome neighbours. You may be members of the Horde, but Mel’s chimaera did enjoy praise from you, Akule :smiley:


Thank you Meleae :smiley:

And thank you to the Tribe for this eve.

For people interested, we battled zombies, blew up ships, had goblins fire massive missiles at us and fought Centaur.

We’ve finally seen our most recent adversary (a Necromancer) and now we’ll be tracking him back south of Kalimdor again, but not until after the Dance of the Earth Mother being hosted by the Tauren Chieftains discord.

It’s being hosted in Mulgore and the Tauren starting zone, so there has never been a better time to roll a new Tauren and try out one of the best races we have on Kalimdor while it is on!


Always a good time when Spiritwood are arranging things!

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Bit of a while since the last update, so thought I should update!

We’re currently continuing with our campaign with our Tribes friends, old and new in the Barrens.

Dealing with a troublesome hunter determined to cause some problems and taking advantage of animals in the process.

Always welcoming of those interested in Tauren rp, in the guild or out, we’re very welcoming!

Feel free to whisper any of the guild if you’d like to come and say hello IC!


We’ve been having a busy week with the ORB and BP members, defending the Northern Barres (thank you all, been great rp’ing with you!)

Thank you for everyone for joining on tonight’s event and I hope those of you who joined us tonight from different Tribes / Guilds enjoyed it :smiley:

We’re off next to southern Kalimdor as we continue looking for the Necromancer and his poisoned foodstuffs.

But before we move south, we’ll spend a week in Thunder Bluff, recuperating.

Always welcoming of people who’d like to try an event or two, so feel free to say hello if you see us online! :smiley:

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The Spiritwood tribe is once again on the move.

We have joined with our friends and allies, and is now sailing back to Pandaria to help them hunting down zealots. Though the trip was off to a rough start as a sabotour had boarded the ship.
After some accidents calm was once again brought to the ship. The Tauren of the tribe will do our best to help our allies.

Thank you to our friends and allies to invite us on the adventure.

Should you run into the tribe on your travels feel free to say hello.


Just remember to survive your current adventure for reasons… :heart:


Had a bunch of fun with Spiritwood on the recent campaign! Awesome group of moos!


Loved it! :smiley:

And another campaign upcoming!

In the meantime we’re back in Feralas now, so if you’re in the area (or anyone else), be great to see new and old faces <3


We’re out and away in Outland! :smiley:

Our amazing Truun has taken us through a dreaded portal (not sure it was a good enough of a reason), but we’re now hunting down our prey!

We’ll be back soon, but if you do come across please say hello.


Lovely, original concept. Hope to run into the tribe one day. (Famous last words?)


Big thank you to all the Spiritwood tribe for taking part in the recent campaign, was lovely to see you guys and hear truun’s battle cries amongst many. Fantastic rpers!

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Thank you to ORB for the festivities in Outland!

We’re back on Kalimdor and in Tanaris, hunting our Necromancer once more.

If you are to be seen in Gadgetzan, we’ll happily say hello and share a story or two :smiley: