[H-RP] The Spiritwood Tribe 🐮

We’re back after IRL took over for a time and actively recruiting once more.

I’d like to thank everyone who kept the Tribe rolling along as things IRL needed to be looked after.

For anyone who is interested in Tauren rp, even if you’re in a guild already or not wanting to be in a guild at all, you’d be welcome to join in on our guilds events (usually on a Sunday evening) and if you would like to be part of the Tribe you’d be welcomed with open arms!

There are some rules for being a part of the guild, good manners and common sense and they’re covered in the guild rules on our website, so I’d ask you read them over if you would like to be a part of the Tribe itself.

Otherwise, information is below and more on our website.

Also, apologies, I don’t seem to be appearing online in searches when people look for our Tribe online (which I am online a fair bit, not even within the guild can I be seen for searches for some reason, even with addons disabled, so please do mail anything in game and I should be able to see the mail icon).

Previous guild post:
[H-RP] The Spiritwood Tribe


Akule awoke in the morning atop a small hill away from the hill the Owakeri moot took place.

He glanced around his surroundings and breathed deeply as the gentle light of sun warmed him.

This time of the day was always his favourite, the awakening of all of the Earth Mothers children who favour An’she’s gaze.

He walked a short distance and glanced ahead, a small encampment, Shu’halo in origin. Noting the lack of movement within the camp, he assumed the moot must have lasted well into the night, well past when he himself left.

He returned to his place of rest and meditated for some time. After many hours he opened his eyes and looked up. The sun was at its peak in the sky, he stood once more stood, hungry now and moved to look out at the barrens below.

He noted the Shu’halo encampment from earlier, still, no movement could be seen. Not thinking too much of this, he decided to approach the camp and see if they had any food they would be willing to share with him.

Taking his time, he approached the camp, from a distance all seemed well. But as he came closer, he noticed not all was as it seemed. Quickening his pace he ran to the first tent he saw. His mouthed dropped as he looked inside. He ran to the next tent and then the next, a horrified expression on his face, “This can not be” he muttered.

Young, old, male and female, all within the camp had been slaughtered, no sign of a struggle. It was obvious these Shu’halo were killed in their sleep.

One tent however, did not have inside of it a corpse. He entered and looked around. It was clear there had been a struggle, but he pondered the reason why the occupants of this tent were not killed like the others. His eyes surveyed the tent itself and rested on a totem at the rear. The totem was decorated with symbols and lines of varying colours, with a bear paw carved at it’s peak.

He knew this totem, he had seen it before. He had heard the Shu’halo who this totem belonged to speak but just a few days ago within the Crossroads. It was the Pale ones totem, the Storyteller.

Fury grew within him, but also concern.

Could it be, have we fallen so far, have we been blinded once more he pondered. With that he picked up the totem and set about building a fire, sending smoke signals to his brothers and sisters to inform them of what had transpired here.

Some of his kin arrived and he quickly informed them of his discovery and showed them the totem.

Aware of the potential danger currently within the Barrens, he yearned to return to the safety of the forests within Feralas, to where his tribe resided when not travelling. He looked in the direction of Feralas and nodded, informing his brothers and sisters who had come to see the devastation that all who hold true to the traditions of their people would be welcomed within the Spiritwood Tribe. He whispered the location his Tribe would be staying for some time, Camp Mojache and urged them to pass this message on to all who they trusted.

With that, he made his way back to the forest, holding high the totem with the bear paw carved upon it, taking it with him back to Camp Mojache.

Thank you for reading the above and welcome to our renewed forum post for our Tribe.

The guild is one in which sets out to preserve the Earth Mother and respect the spirits, both nature, ancestral as well as the elements.

It’s a place where individuals take ownership to create their own stories.

Events for our Tribe are weekly, on a Sunday (with social rp between Tribes members and others in-between) and we’re keen to get all in the Tribe involved in server events and initiatives and to work with others, both Horde and Alliance.

The guild itself is neutral, seeking peace above all else, however should the need arise, individuals would not shun protecting themselves or the interests of the Tribe or indeed the Earth Mother (against both Alliance and Horde aggressors).

Alts would be welcomed to the guild and there would be no online time demands, come and go as you please.

For those joining on alts, if you’re expecting to be away for an extended amount of time, just send a letter in game or let us know on discord and that’s no problem at all.

If you rp a lone Tauren travelling Azeroth, you’d be welcome to join as a member of the Tribe sent out by the crone to aid others, if that’s what you wish, it’s a place where chilled rp can happen and a place where neutral Tauren can join up for server events, ceremonies and a variety of other things.

The guild is based within Camp Mojache within Feralas, although we will travel across all of Azeroth to where we will be needed (we’re actually travelling more around Azeroth than just staying in Feralas). Just venture to the settlement if you see us in Feralas and interact with us should you be interested in finding out more, or whisper any of our online members if we are away on a campaign and we can organise meeting up IC in a way that suits you and us.

Nearly all of our positions in the guild are open presently, so if there is one in particular that interests you and you have some experience with Tauren rp, we’d love to hear from you.

There will be no form to fill in to join the guild. There will simply be an IC interview of sorts, where our decision will be made.

Our guild discord invite is:

Please feel free to join if you are interested.

You will only at first, be able to see our friends of Spiritwood channel (this may help in contacting us to arrange meeting the Tribe), once you have full membership, you will have access to all of our discord.

Below is some information with regard to the guild.

Updated information with a little more detail can also be found on the guilds website:


With that said, thank you for reading and hopefully see many of you around as a Tauren!

Spiritwood Tribe Introduction

Some time ago a small number of the Shu’halo who resided within Feralas looked upon their people and wept. The Horde while saving the Shu’halo had ultimately taken them in a direction the Earth Mother had not intended for her children, the path of war.

While indebted to the Horde for saving their kind, the small Spiritwood Tribe shunned the needless killing and the blood lust that seemed so common a trait of those within the Horde.

And so the elder crone ordered the Tribe to retreat into the wilds of Feralas and honour the Earth Mother in the traditional ways of their people, in peace and harmony. Over many years members of the Tribe ventured out into Azeroth and brought grave tidings back to the crone, who became ill at ease with the actions of her kind. Many nights passed and visions seeped into the Crone’s dreams, fractured and distorted. For these visions were only part of a larger picture. She ordered her dreams to be carved upon great totems and placed within a hidden location in Feralas, lest she forget what she had been shown. In time the Crone came to understand what the ancestors were saying, ‘Peace between the earth and all of Azeroth, the Earth Mother wishes this’.

The Crone was wary, for her Tribe had spent much time isolated and she feared of the influence of others on the young Shu’halo she cared for, yet she could not ignore the visions she had been given. She decreed that the strongest of their Tribe venture out, beyond the borders of the forests of Feralas, to aid the Earth Mother and all peoples of Azeroth who wished to see their world at peace and to bring our fellow brothers and sisters who share our values into the Spiritwood’s fold.

Tribe ranks

The GM of our guild. The Chieftain is the one responsible for the general guidance of our tribe.

Elder Crone
Old and wise, the spiritual leader of our Tribe. The Crone has guided our people for years and always in honour of the Earth Mother. Kind and caring, the Crone opens many of the Tribes ceremonies. Cross her however, dishonour the Tribes traditions and Earth Mother and her sharp tongue will let you know of her anger.

Sage Council
Our officers. These wise individuals help to influence and advise on the decisions of our community.

Those who affiliate belong to the mystics vary in capabilities. Some commune with forces that are not always benevolent and wish to appease the elements, others commune with nature and seek balance while others guide members of the Tribe to speak with the ancestors, the advice they give is is wisely heeded.

The stalwart defenders and backbone of the Tribe. Always willing to defend our members to the best of their abilities.

The wielders of the power of An’she. These individuals seek to counter the prejudice for the reverence of the Mu’sha within the Tribe and promote a balance of worship of the Earth Mother.

These individuals are a lifeline to the tribe. Hunters and scouts, they travel far and wide to bring news, food and produce for all our tribal members.

Tribal member
The tribal members follow our ideals and help with the day to day activities of the tribe.

Rites and ceremonies

The rite of vision: A rite all who are new to the tribe will partake in. As it is with nearly all newcomers to tribes, the elder crone wishes to know your totem animal. This is the animal that represents your personality and one that will help to determine your place within our family.

The rite of courage: The rite of courage for the Spiritwood Tribe is one where individuals are challenged against a great foe. Typically incorporated into the tradition of the great hunt, you will be tested against that which you think is invincible, but fear not, the Earth Mother favours her children.

The rite of honour: The rite of honour can be a challenge to some. Will you uphold the honour of the tribe and the Earth Mother. The choices you make may seem obvious, others not so. The Earth Mother tests you, will you uphold the traditions and beliefs of the Shu’halo and choose wisely? The choices you ultimately make decide whether you are successful… or not.

The rite of wisdom: Our people have throughout time revered our ancestors. Few others look to our forbearers for guidance and the preservation of our traditions as much as we Shu’halo. Follow the guidance of our elders to pass this rite.

Rite of the winds: One which not all within the Tribe have chosen to partake. This rite involves seeking the unknown, whether this be through exploration or revelation, the Earth Mother decides and An’she may guide.

Tribe traditions

The great hunt: The survival of our Tribe and people, the preservation of our honouring of the Earth Mother is something all within the Tribe concern themselves with. It is here the Tribe hunt for food and praise the Earth Mother for her gifts.

The namegiving: The father of the child hunts and provides a great feast for all Tribes members and a feast is held to celebrate the naming of a new member to the Tribe. This also happens should a Shu’halo join the Spiritwood Tribe and wish to be known by a different name by our Tribes members.

Totem meditation and carving: Tribes members meditate on the qualities they would like to exemplify over the year to come. Tribes members meditate to their totem animal and asks assistance, wisdom and guidance from their spirit, after which they carve their aims into a small totem if their request has been answered.

Drumming: The tribes use of drums is enshrined within our traditions. Used for ceremonial dancing, communication as well as meditation. The drums rhythmic beat encompasses the beating of our heart, the belief the vibrations evoke energy that heal our bodies and bring about spiritual awareness. This is done with with the belief that consistent beating of the drums enables our tribes members who listen to tune into the beating heart of the Earth Mother. You will know when you near the Tribes location as you hear our tribes members play their drums.

The unveiling: To acknowledge the Shu’halo story of the blinding, where the Tauren fell from the Earth Mothers grace, a ceremony of cleansing for the body and environment is undertaken when ever a Shu’halo of our tribe is unsure of what path to take. To give clarity and to show to the tribes member the path the Earth Mother desires. Sacred herbs are burnt and used to cleanse the body and the area with smoke, as the individual thinks upon their choices. This ceremony is also used for creativity and general problem solving when conflict arises. Frequently the tribes Earth Mother prayer is used during this ceremony.

Corn pollen and ash: Corn pollen is used by many of our mystics, particularly our druids and shamans. The collection of this sacred herb is undertaken with great reverence and where it grows in abundance holds a special place in the hearts of our tribe, believed to be a favoured land of the Earth Mother. The Corn Pollen is used in many of the Tribes rituals, in particular for meditation and the unveiling. Ash from the cremated bodies of the fallen of our Tribe is also sacred. Collected from our ancestors this ash is used in ceremonies that celebrate the life of past members of our tribe. The ash is frequently mixed with water and painted on our Tribe members during the day of the dead.

The chipping of the horn: The chipping of the horn is when a member of our tribe carefully chips away a small portion of their horn and gifts it to another. This symbolises friendship and trust between the two individuals concerned.

The intention duel: The intention duel is only undertaken when conflict and strife can not be reconciled through discourse or mediation with the Chief or the Council. The two quarrelling individuals have their left arms tied together, leaving their remaining right hand free to use which ever weapon they wish. The two then duel one another until one of them yields. The loser in the duel is seen then to be the one who now must compensate the victor and loses some dishonour in their standing within the Tribe.*

The cleaving: Those members of the Tribe that have brought great shame upon our people and the Earth Mother, undertake the cleave ceremony. This is where a horn, a portion of the horn or indeed both horns may be removed from the Shu’halo. How much is removed is dependent upon the severity of the dishonour brought upon our family.

The Mourning war: If one of our own is killed by another Tribe, a Mourning War may be declared against the offenders, in which our Elders will ask our Tribes people to take a prisoner from the Tribe of the murderer. The Mourning War often includes a planned raid on the offending Tribe for this very purpose. Once the prisoner has been captured, a decision is made by our Council whether we adopt the prisoner as one of our own (this only happens if they are Shu’halo) or if punishment is to be applied before being released (the severity of which is based upon the grief of the Tribe as a whole and usually involves the cleaving rite. For those who are not Shu’halo, Trolls or Orcs for example, a portion of a tusk may be taken. For an Elf, a portion of an ear and so on).


As An’she comes back to us each morning, so does this guild pop up once more.
Lovely people, great GM and fun events are what you can expect with us.


Welcome back, Akulé!

Excellent GM and a great person.

Wishing you all the best.

  • Proudhorn

Welcome back!

I will be forever sad that I overstretched myself with Cloudhoof, but it is so good to see you still kicking about <3

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You’d always be welcome to join on a Sunday eve again - or even along with your Dwarf rp if we’re ever in the same area and have IC reasons to say hi :smiley:

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I will keep it in mind! Surely Galvrin will be more than happy to talk spirituality with the Tauren!

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Finally we arrived in Bogpaddle in Swamp of Sorrows, as we travel to the Searing Gorge to collect an elemental stone of fire (should be fun going through Alliance lands to get there!).

The boat trip was interesting, Tidal surgers, naga sea witch, sharks and sinking boats, but we’ve arrived (and that’s the main bit!). The boat is a wreck and we need gold to pay for the repairs before we venture north, we have some bounties that have been advertised… seems convenient!

Feel free to say hello if you’re around the area in Bogpaddle :smiley:


Good to see you guys back out there. The friendly relations are surely inbound from us in the Tauwahe Tribe <3

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The Return of the King.

This amazing guild and Akule as GM get the Akamito stamp of approval, and I’d encourage anyone interested in trying out some traditional Tauren RP to chat to them.

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I remember you from our days in the blood elf community, Itlaris as well as being in the highborne ascendancy for a portion of time!

Nice to see you’ve branched out into what is the second best Horde race (don’t @ me). Kudos to a based friendo


We’ll get that meet up sorted when back in Kalimdor :heart:

Aww, belf is now second best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ll have to find out a reason IC to meet up!

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We’ve got your Totem still!

You need to come and get it :smiley:

(sorry for multiple posts - on phone and is awkward!)

Oh this is good news ^^ I got into rp recently and was interested in the Spiritwood tribe when looking into Tauren rp, but saw it seemed to be inactive. I’ll have to inquire on an alt!

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All welcome :smiley:

Just give one of us a /w or feel free to join discord and come along to our event night (Sundays) if you’d like to (and makes sense for your IC ).

This eve we completed one of the bounties and have enough now for repairs for the boat.

However Custo caused a new bill of a significant amount of gold and do we’re now travelling north in the Eastern Kingdoms and keeping an eye out on the next bounty! (Need that gold!).

Skeletons, electric eels, evil Troll Priestess and a friendly Goblin we met tonight too who has told us about travelling north and (hopefully join us) on our next event as we travel.

Thanks for tonight everyone.

Feel free to say hello if you see us out and about.


We’ve now left Swamp of Sorrow and travelled through the mountain pass on Redridge.

After climbing a humungous mountain, fighting off Banshee Loyalist Rangers, and a fight one of our new members of the Tribe had with a Gnoll leader - which was interesting watching a Gnoll vs Tauren - the Tauren lost! (as well as protecting some humans), we’ve arrived in Searing Gorge thanks to some Gryphon gifts from the Humans for helping one of their own (they were BIG Gryphons).

The locals don’t seem too bad, not too friendly either. We’ll set off soon looking for the elemental stone… but first, time to rest and share some stories as we recuperate.

We’re based in Thorium Point for a bit and we have Tales at Twilight, our new monthly story night on Wednesday.

Feel free to join in if you’re in the area o7

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Always good to see more dedicated tauren RP happening. AD is in dire need of it. Best of luck to you guys.


Cheers Myth,

If you ever see us around, come and say hi :smiley:

After battling spiders, climbing down vertical mineshafts, swinging on concrete blocks, breaking open gates (as well as smooching Dwarves - to then only have to fight them) and on top of that deal with an unbelievably powerful elemental - we finally have the fire stone!

And all of this after Hunpada’s event of us battling our foes in a cavern only the night before!

Three down and one to go for the elemental stones!

We’re in Fuselight.

If you come across us, feel free to approach!