[H-RP] The Spiritwood Tribe 🐮

Tonight was an interesting one!

Dealing with Ogres, Goblin engineered missiles exploding, falling cliff faces, robots that lost the plot, Goblin lackeys and exploding sheep!

We’ve arrived in Quel’Thalas.

We’re staying for one week before heading off to Tirisfal for a quick search and retrieve before moving on from there!

We’re all feeling a little uneasy being in a land full of magic, but open to saying hello to everyone and anyone while here.

Hiding out in the Farstriders Retreat, if we’re there, we’d be happy to share stories!


We’ve a new website as the old one decided to make some changes without informing anyone that they were doing so!

Anyway, new website for us is at;


We’re hoping we’ve moved over the most important things, but we’re massively disappointed to have lost our guild members stories (sorry about that, everyone).


Thank you to the Blazing Phoenix who aided us this night.

We searched for remains of one of our Tribes nearest and dearest in Tirisfal.

The search was in vain, we did help to put to rest the remains of other Elves and Tauren but not before being attacked by Cursed Darkhounds, Undead walking the lands and forest fires.

All expertly dealt with by the two groups.

At the end though, the numbers were too great and with the burial rites completed, we were ported to Thunder Bluff, just in time for Mu’sha’s Marking!

Hopefully see some people now we’re back on Kalimdor :smiley:


Thank you to Mythrios and Adalynd for joining us this evening.

Was quite a chilled-ish venture tonight.

We had some whispers from a wild god brought to us by one of our Tribes Ancestors, Pahne.

She in turn set us out on a trail to hunt a small number of Centaur who had been hoarding the Boar in Mulgore and slaughtering them mercilessly, allowing the meat to rot.

To save the meat to feed our people we rid the land of the small number of Centaur and watched as the Boar at the end wandered into the night, guided by Pahne herself.

Last few days in Mulgore this week and we have Tales at Twilight on Wednesday in the Barrens (exact place to be confirmed).

Feel free to whisper any of us online if you see us to join up on Wednesday or any time! (for some reason I don’t show up though, so may be best to whisper any of the Tribesmen - I’ve no idea why I don’t).


Thank you to everyone we spoke to last night at the Faire!

Nashaka, Chijomau, Kodowrestler, anyone who sees us, feel free to come and say hello and feel free to bring some of your guild mates along! :smiley:

The Tribe will be hanging about in Durotar this week and then next week, we’re off to Dazar’alor for a short time, before moving on from there.

So if you’re in either of those areas, we’re a friendly bunch!


Giving this a friendly bump up


And we’re back in Feralas!

Had a nice night, thank you to the Tribe who helped out tonight!

We’ll be hanging out in Camp Mojache (or Ataya possibly) in Feralas.

If you see us online or interested in the rp we offer, never a better time to say hello!

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Thanks for making these events Akulé! Im glad I joined this guild… cuz noone here rips my head off for typos and minor lore misstakes :wink:


It was amazing to meet up with many of the Curators again this evening!

Thank you all who came! (I’ve got the trowel tied to the necklace now, Hallida).

Hopefully we’ll get more meet ups going forward now, social and a campaign or two.

It was lovely seeing you all.

The Tribe is off to Zuldazar for a week before moving on again from there!

Sailing from Shadowprey Village, so if you see us in either places, say hi :smiley:


Thank you everyone for attending tonight.

Was a good one, fighting Sandfury Crocolisks, being stuck between two competing Gonk and Pa’ku Priests and then fighting Amani Trolls and their pheromone charged battle bear (followed by riddles to get the stone back - I’m impressed you got them all right - I made them too easy).

Welcome to our new friends, and next we’re in Stormsong!

If you are randomly around there, please do say hello!


And we’ve now collected the fourth and final elemental stone after fighting Goblins, rescuing Makrura, fighting sharks and rays as well a void riddled monster at the end.

The first chapter in the guild is coming to an end very soon and the second has already begun :cow:

We’re moving to Kosh’harg before making our way to the Barrens and working with others before ending the week in Desolace… busy week this one.

Always open to rp’ing with others - so please do say hi, we’re a friendly bunch of :cow2:'s.


Can recommend these guys wholeheartedly.

Enjoyable rp to be had, Glaivewings wish nothing but a good year for this guild, we had a lot of fun on the joint event in Barrens working on behalf of the Circle. Keep up the great rp guys <3


I don’t trust them… squints

Was fun interacting though, see you guys around sometime!


And that is the end of the guilds first chapter.

Thank you to everyone along the way who has joined us on it, from Desolace to Stonetalon, then Northrend followed by Kul Tiras, Eastern Kingdoms, all over Azeroth.

All started with the Proudhorn & Spiritwood Tribe venturing together, Khitava, Noblespirit and co.

Then we had the Kaldorei join us, as well as many other guilds on the journey (you may not have realised it’s taken this long to come to an end).

Hope the Tribe enjoyed this eve and it was sufficiently epic.

Took a while but it’s completed now, so thank you everyone <3

Chapter 2 has already started for us.

We’re in Feralas until the Return of the Damned Campaign :smiley:

Come and say hi if you’re there!


Always a pleasure interacting with these folks!

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Ty Ast :smiley:

And, we’re now ready and stocked up on resources ready for Northrend.

We’ve completed the event in the Barrens and a few pics of the Kollecting the Kodos event can be found here, along with other pics from our guilds second chapter (bottom of web page);


It went, smooth (ish) as we were influenced and mind controlled into attacking each other, but now we’ve got everything we need.

Next its meeting up with the Blazing Phoenix for a boat ride!

We’re still in Org for now but likely moving tomorrow or Wednesday.


Currently stationed in Northrend as part of the Return of the Damned 3 campaign and very much enjoying ourselves at the moment. Plenty of new friends being made (and some serious injuries being inflicted!).

We’ve plenty of memories collected so far, and a place to remember them here (at the bottom of the webpage for the pictures).

Looking forward to the remainder of the campaign and hoping one of our Tribes members doesn’t get absolutely slaughtered in the meantime (they know who they are).

If you’re interested in meeting up with us, just whisper any of our online members who can point you in the direction to say hello.

Maybe see you on the battle field! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you everyone who joined in for the Return of the Damned 3 campaign.

We really enjoyed it and are taking a well deserved rest back in Feralas.

Well be continuing with chapter 2 storyline next week, but this one is chilled social rp back in the forest, please come and say hello if we invited you (and even if we didn’t!).

Be good to keep in contact with everyone.


Will definitely come visit you in Kalimdor. Thoroughlyenjoyed being on campaign in Northrend with this amazing guild.


Thank you to the Orcs of the Red Blade who we joined last night on a journey into Thousand Needles (we were harassed along our way by Kaldorei, sharks and Undead Wyverns before finally beating back a persistent Necromancer, who escaped by purposefully being grabbed by sharks to evade us).

We’re still in Feralas and saying hello to anyone who passes near.

Soon we’re going to start reaching out to new friends and asking if it’s ok if we come and visit (hopefully you’ll say yes! xD)