[H-RP][Village Hours] The Razor Hill Rally - Fridays 20:00


Thanks for the reply! So the “Looking For Roleplay” channel is literally just /join lfrp? It should be advertised more, imho!

I’ll drop by that some day if I’m specifically looking for RP, thanks!


We try! (to advertise)


Ar’Keena here! (For some reason can’t log in forum as my horde character :/)
Thanks a lot for the meeting, it was fun ^^ Can’t stay for long, unfortunately, but I’ll look forward to the next event to see more of you! <3


Time for another rally tonight, this time I’m scheduling my time and doing my best to get to actually be there!
Auvo might bring a hyena or two for trade, too. :>


Probably won’t be able to make it tonight, but I hope you guys have fun :>


I’ve had a great time and Kahani found a sweet hyena pelt. Yay!
See you again Friday. :slight_smile:


Happy to provide! :smiley:
Here’s hoping for a few more people this week. :>


I’ll likely be back as Earthhorn, at the very least. :>

So let’s give the thread a little push! Friday, 20:00!


Half an hour to go. On my way there. :slight_smile:

And regrettably left quite early, got rather late and the RP reached such a point. But there’s next week still! \o/


Was lovely regardless :> I look forward to next friday! Thanks to everybody who showed up.


Giving this a bump! its been quiet the past few weeks, it’d be great to see some more Horde RPers show up!