[H-RP][Village Hours] The Razor Hill Rally - Fridays 20:00


Hello everyone!

The Frostwolf Legion has been getting into roleplay a fair bit lately and we thought it would be an excellent idea to extend the invitation to other guilds and roleplayers with the intention of building up a regularly attended active roleplay hub for the Hordeside. The Razor Hill Rally is an avenue for players to come together and peddle their wares, meet and greet their fellow brothers and sisters of the Horde and, above all, drum up that sense of community that we all know and love Classic WoW for.

The intention is to gradually build Razor Hill up as a roleplaying hub and the best way to do that is to set regular village hours! Every Friday from 20:00 realm time onwards the Frostwolf Legion will be in town to make the place just a little bit livelier, and we hope that the rest of the community will join in as well! If this proves to be a success then you can expect more community-lead events such as regular market days, competitions and much more!

We hope to see you there!


I’m really excited to see how this’ll pan out. See you on Friday!


Towns… I hate towns… :stuck_out_tongue:


Forang will be there, ready to offer summons to people who are stranded in far away locations!


Excellent idea! Not only is it a place accessible for everyone but it is also a place where new players can get to experience roleplay and hopefully get into it.



But sometimes even Frostdogs have great ideas.


I will inform my guildies of this event. Good initiative.


Hoping to start out my Classic RP with this the coming Friday. Looking forward to meeting you all! \o/


This is tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :smiley:


Looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely attend the event Friday and meet a lot of new people. :smile:


This was a good, fun first village hour! Enjoyed the storytelling, and we’ll see what sort of shenanigans we’ll get up to next week.

Was lovely meeting you all, hope to see you around. < 3


I second that notion. May this be the first of many, many village days :>


Great initiative, I enjoyed it. Much love!


Just a quick bump to point out that this will happen again this Friday :slight_smile:


Haven’t really rpd in wow but if I’m on I might pop over to have a nose


The more the merrier! And don’t worry about being late - I generally can’t be there until 23:00 or 00:00 and even then there are still people active.


This is tonight! Bring ale & food to share, stories to tell and a friendly attitude! Razor Hill awaits!


Also, bring a gas mask for Forang!


Oh snap, this was tonight! I had wanted to come but I forgot about it, with Blizzcon and all. </3

Hope you all had fun and… hopefully see you next week! Maybe some evening without the village hours up.

Say, slightly off-topic while here discussing RP availability, how would one contact people interested in RP? Is there some sort of a “Looking for RP” type channel up on the Horde side? What do people use?


See y’all next Friday ~

Also there’s the lfrp channel, the respective server discord channels, the other channels ingame and keeping your eyes open for people walking, talking, lichking