[H-RP] 🦊 Vulpera Caravan - The Dust Scavengers

The best vulperan experience in the game <3

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A rescue for amazing vulperans

Void grants you a fruitful fate, children of the sands and not-so-sandy and not-so-furry Azeroth dwellers !

The Dust Scavengers are still well-alive and kicking, just came back from the Kosh’harg that was so nicely and pleasantly organized by the Orcs of the Red Blade, and ready to do even more stuff !

We’re currently camping somewhere in Westfall, well away from the Alliance of course, on our way for more adventures in the Eastern Kingdoms !
So if you’re a Vulpera in need of a family, come on over by the fire and perhaps join us for wacky foxy adventures as a caravan !
And if you’re not a Vulpera, you can still come for some banter and trading ! We always like new friends to add to our clients !

I’m interested in joining! Are you guys still active and open for new Roleplayers? Ive been looking into it for 2/3 months now but I’m sort of ‘’scared’’ to do it. I have no problem transferring my vulpera to AD

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hello Qoria we are still alive and active and of course we are open for new Roleplayers :slight_smile:

Currently our Caravan rests in the Swamp of Sorrow IC, we can also be seen arround Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff and Silvermoon for easier In Character Access, but you can message us ingame anytime or hit us up on Discord.

Rich Dunes

Definitely one of the best vulperan guilds around, lovely bunch of rpers.


uh? taken?


I was just shutting my computer down, closing a bunch of tabs, and just happened to have a tab open on the AD forums.

Gosh I wish I didn’t choose to sate my curiosity and wish I just went to bed like a normal human.

Speaking of normal human behaviours - stop pretending to be pre-teen children online you absolute degenerates. Realise and accept that what you’re doing is wrong, uncomfortable, and cease. There are no excuses.


Dust Scavenger respect loss - 100


Damn, sure seems like it’s vulpera hunting season all of a sudden…

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I feel sorry for those roleplayers who do a good job with Vulpera.
Every day their reputation is tarnished by the not-so-great and disturbing.


I joined the Scavengers when vulpera released and sadly I can confirm that junk like this happened on the regular in the background. There was always an -off- fascination with kit RP, and when one them approached a friend of mine for -that- kind of RP all four of us bailed instantly. Disgusting behavior the GM constantly protected and harboured.


Now that is a shocker… And this has blown up so much overnight while all of us in the guild’s staff were not present to react =_= So time to make an answer before this devolves further into wrong ideas.

We were not aware of this character being associated with something of the sort. We do not religiously check our members’ TRP so this is a change in the character that slipped our radar, we were not aware of it and we do not approve.

Our guild’s rules clearly say that while we allow our members to play young characters, they must be at the very least in their teenage years (we still must comply with Blizzard’s PG rating of 12, so every character must be AT THE VERY LEAST this age and much preferably at least in their late teenage years) and that they are not allowed to be involved in relationships.
So this is definitely not a type of scenario we appreciate to know has sprouted inside our guild.

We are so sorry you had to witness this. The member will be removed immediately (when one of us staff members can log into the game). We do not abide this behaviour being associated with our name.


The character literally has kit as it’s class. I don’t believe for a moment that you didn’t know, simply that you didn’t care, but now people are rightfully calling it out you’re playing coy.

At least they’re removed now but come on, how do you invite a person RPing as a kit into the guild and think “yes, this is a totally normal thing with absolutely zero chance of nefarious intent.” The answer is you don’t think that.


As the Guild Leader of the Dust Scavengers, i was sadly not aware of that Kit in question and the relationship statuts that character is in.

While we do offer a spot to play young Vulpera (teenagers and young adults) which have to grow up over time and NOT stay that forever.

The Kit in question will be removed from my Caravan as soon as either I or one of my Officers can log in to do so.

I am deeply sorry that this slipped past my eyes. I am not currently as present Ingame as i used to be due to Real Life and Work.

We will take this as a sign to check all of our current and future member TRPs once a Month and during the making processs.

We do have a few teen Vulpera currently active.

again I am sorry and take full responsibility and promise betterment in the future.

Caravan Mother Oari (at Work)


Oh of course we were aware they were playing a kit, I don’t put that in question. Our rules allow it, I put higher how we define it. We were not aware they had put a clear age, as most of us do not (You know how the topic of lifespans is prickly).
The fact they put a clear age under the allowed limit AND apparently entered a RPrelationship (because it is not with another guild member, that we verified right away), this is what slipped us and what we are acting against, what we don’t want to our name.

It’s our oversight, of course, it’s our mistake. We’ll keep better watch, as me Caravan Mom said above.

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Maybe just don’t encourage people to play underage characters to begin with, under any circumstances.


Please don’t be so harsh to pass judgement so quick…people can’t always keep tabs on everything and this clearly was missed amongst them, mistakes were made and those mistakes have been looked after and resolved, that is what matters.


I agree, it’s best to discourage roleplay of anything younger than late-teen.

It’s not necessary and leads to all kinds of trouble.

I’m going to guess that the earlier issues put forward by their previous member have being rectified?

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Credit where credit’s due, I believe that they have and even if they’ve not gotten around to it yet, I do believe they’ll get it done sooner rather than later.

The issue isn’t that the character is nine years old and taken. The issue is that the character was pretty blatantly advertised as a child (it had kit in it’s class, viewable just by mousing the TRP profile which someone MUST have done in order to invite the character to the guild.) and was let in in spite of that.