[h] <s a n c t u a r y> - 6/9H - 2/2N


We are looking for people that wish to start raiding. We were working on Mekkatorque (heroic) then we had a small set back and lost some raiders. We are seven active raiders today and are looking to fill out the missing spots for a 2/4/14 setup.

We need people that are interested in raiding and will show up every Wednesday and Friday between 20:00 and 23:00 and can stay the full time. By joining the guild you are signing up for a total of 6 hours scheduled raiding every week, it is okay if you need to be away sometimes but doesn’t forget that there are 19 other people that are depending on your participation under the raids. We can take a couple of pugs but our intentions are to run the raids with 100% guild members.

What we require of you is to have your gear enchanted and gemmed. Bring flasks and food for every raid. We normally place feasts but we still expect you to be able to buff yourself with food if you were one of the few that did die in a previous boss fight. Another part is to know the boss tactics, a good resource for this is FatbossTV on youtube. We expect you to not repeat extremely stupid mistakes depending on that you never seen the fight. Everyone can do an error or two but don’t stand in the fire for ten tries in a row that is not okay. We don’t expect you to be fully geared but you need to have the wish to reach it by put in the time and effort with our help.

We offer a good environment including friendly players with a mature attitude towards the game. We also accept your friends into the guild as non-raiders, if they prefer to join and play with us outside our raid times. We do mythic+ and help members to reach a decent item level to be able to join our raid team.

We need most of the classes at the moment the only roll that we have filled is tanking. So a few more healers and DPS is needed.

Please contact me “Grimoric-Dentarg” for an invite or ask any member in <S A N C T U A R Y> if there is an officer or GM online to invite you. We need you!


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