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We’re a group of dedicated raiders who will participate in speed rankings. We aim for highly organised and efficient raids whilst also maintaining a great atmosphere. W

We operate a LC that is transparent and distributes loot towards benefiting the raid and rewarding individual player performance.

Our intention for the rest of TBC is to do split raids (mix of alts and mains to optimise loot for speedruns) and speed run once a month, until the end of the patches where we will focus on pure speed and competition.

Currently recruiting:
Retri Paladin
Elemental Shaman

We raid:
Monday & Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 ST with invites at 19:45 to create the groups and mobilise.

During the release of new content we will be raiding new agreed extra hours

We expect from our raiders:

  • Exceptional raid attendance, providing plenty of notice for every absence
  • Be willing to practice on PTR
  • Fully prepared with gems, enchants consumes and full knowledge of class/raids and their roles during the encounters.
  • Bring with you an attitude that wants to improve, learn and perform well, every raid. No drama. Do what’s best for the guild, always.
  • Share our desire to be one of the best raiding guilds on Razorgore.

10/10 SSC/TK

Still recruiting

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