[H] Salt Powered Robots Heroic Raiding Guild 8/8 [Recruiting for Dazar’alor]


Our Raid Times
Thursday and Friday from 19:30 to 22:30 Server Time.

Who are we?
We are a guild created by 5 friends who have been playing since TBC/WOTLK. We are experienced players that finally decided to stop guild hopping and create our own guild so we could all comfortably raid together and form a raiding team looking to clear content at our own pace and help each other out. We also do mythic+ and some people like to pvp together.

What we are looking for:
We are currently looking for a lot of Socials and Raiders who wish to join an active community that we are trying to build from the ground up.
We are also looking for Raiders looking to clear Normal and Heroic on each new content patch.

Classes we are looking for:
A Tank Pref Blood Death Knight or Prot Paladin but anything is good

1 Healers to Heal in Raids
Ranged DPS Pref Mages, Shamans & Warlocks!

What do we offer ? :
We offer a relaxed atmosphere for learning and clearing new content and a fun social environment

Be able to play your class.
Be able to learn and listen to tactics.
Be nice.

How to Apply
Reply here or you can contact these people:
Contact Jepopo#6959 on Discord
Contact Jepopo#2167 on BattleNet
Contact Kreatif#2814 on BattleNet

For Quick Responce add Jepopo.
For Detailed Information add Kreatif

(Kreatíf) #2

We are still looking for some RDPS and a off-spec Tank!


Sounds interesting, will poke you Jepopo!

(Kreatíf) #4

Still looking!

(Kreatíf) #5

We are currently looking for a pally healer, a lock or a boomie and a off spec tank!

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