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<Scarlet Justice> is a raiding guild whose members are mostly veteran players that lack the time for hardcore raiding. Despite relaxed requirements and raiding atmosphere, we expect from raiders to be well informed on their class and role and to show enthusiasm and dedication towards the guild.

Raids are organized on:

  • Friday 19:30-23:00
  • Saturday 19:30-23:00

What you can expect of us:

  • Relaxed atmosphere and fun times on Discord. (Discord is required)
  • 100% attendance is not required : We are aware that due to real life obligations a number of players cannot attend every raid. For this reason, raiders can stay in the core team as long as they are dedicated enough and inform officers of their schedule in advance.
  • Fair loot distribution : Despite removal of master looter in BFA, we still strive to be as fair as possible to our raiders. Officers will be the first ones that will give up their spots on farming runs if another player needs a critical item. We put our raider’s well being and satisfaction over progression, but will not sacrifice the latter for low performing individuals.

What we expect from you:

  • Well informed on your class and role : Despite not being a hardcore guild, we expect our raiders to be well versed with their classes. This includes knowing your rotation, proper CD usage and BiS lists. Following class sources such as Discord channels and reddit is highly encouraged. We aim to be as effective as possible with our limited raiding schedule.
  • Dedication : Raiders must be on time, adequately buffed (flask, food) and enchanted. We also highly encourage forming M+ groups within the group to better prepare for progression raids.
  • No stress : Progression raids will result in a higher number of wipes which can increase tension. All problems must be settled politely and patiently. Loot and DPS whoring are mortal sins.
  • Involvement : Discussion of raiding strategies is to raiders and is encouraged. Meaningful suggestions will be taken into consideration by the officer team, but final decisions are left to the raid leader.

You can also look on our website scarlet-justice. com

Or contact on Bnet avidima#2193


Hi! I added you on Battlenet.


Take a look at our new website www.scarlet-justice. com

(Kallila) #4

Sent you an application :two_hearts:


Hey Kallila, sorry for my late reply. But we recently discovered that there is something wrong with the apply form ( sorry website is new and has some diseases ) Please add me on Bnet Avidima#2193


Still recruiting!!

For our recruitment status you can check our website.

scarlet-justice .com


Recruiting DPS For BoD


Recruiting good ranged dps and 1 monk/priest healer

(Martinpowa) #9

Application sent :slight_smile:


1 week untill BoD!
Apply at our website or ontact us ingame for information.


Any good dps is welcome to apply


DK’s, ranged and priests! Where you guys at? The GM eats all the cookies, please send help…


If weekends are your only available time to raid then we might be the place for you. Currently still looking for some more ranged DPS, specifically a Warlock, a Mage, Shadow Priest wouldn’t hurt. One more tank would also be handy.


Recruitment is still open!


Looking for a good healer and ranged dps


still recruiting players

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