[H] <ScumBags> PvP Guild


Hello all,

ScumBags are a close group of friends who have been playing WoW since Vanilla. We’re mainly from the UK but have recently been recruiting EU players. The average age is 25+.

We used to play on Darksorrow EU and gained a reputation in World PvP for being unstoppable. Most of us are arena masters and relish the chance of seeing pesky alliance and ruining their day. We plan on bringing the same reputation to this server and forming a great social community, hopefully the alliance can give us a bit of a challenge to make our time on Razorgore enjoyable.

What we are looking for;
Experienced PvP players
Discord + mic
Preferably 18+
Be social able (have fun)

What we will be doing;
Raiding for gear

If you’re interested message me conradmurray#2477


Love the ganking


Haha, where’s BigDwarf? The legendary Scrumback from back in the day!

t. Dice, Troll Shaman :wink:


Just above u ^^


If I see any of your crew leveling I’ll be sure to throw a curse or two their way before high tailing it out of there.


Pls gibe invite. Wont bring tooeasy with me but will mongo everyone into oblivion just like in the old days.

BigDwarf: “Tooeasy, du och din bögpolare Dice har ni trollporn eller?”


u know u cant level now? your cards marked buddy


Im here bruh


I cant wait to find you, im going to eat you and send every scumbag your way


Hi you take social PvPers as well? I’m in my 30s in the British Army so I can’t always be online. I’m a world PvPer with about 500k PvP kills on my retail account. All I pretty much do is PVP and nothing else apart from now levelling. Currently Tauren Warrior lvl 27 same class I have been playing for the past 14-15 years


This is my main incase you need check any of my achievements


Yes add bigdwarf in game or who scumbags and ask someone dude


I am an old school rank13 vanilla mage who is now a rogue due to the potential of increasing my GPH (ganks per hour) I’ll send you a tell later when I’m not at work.


Big tingss


bumb up this topic lolz


World pvp dons


bump for phase 2 - November 12
new weekly content filmed every week of us abusing alliance