[H] Serial Chillers 10/10 Hc Is Recruiting!

Good evening, Ragnaros!

If you’re looking for a guild that is both social and dabbles into keys and raiding, Serial Chillers is recruiting! Join us if you’re looking for a community that is active every day. We’re looking to do content with you!

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up, so why not join the festivities?
We promise a healthy, friendly environment that always strives to do and be better. We do all forms of content, but m+ and pvp are on a daily basis these days. We’re looking to push forward in patch 9.1 as well If you’re looking for people that will never disregard you just because of your rio or ilvl, we’re the ones you’re looking for. We’re also constantly chatting on our discord, you’ll always find someone there.

Join the community!
Drop a message to me, Ashmine#2473 or you can message my main character in game, Ann-Ragnaros. Of course, you can also find our guild in the guild finder page.

Stay safe, stay chill

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