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About Us

(Horde - EU Flamelash PvP) (10/10 Molten Core, 1/1 Onyxia’s Lair) A guild created on Saturday, 3rd of August 2019. Recruitment for Classic WoW started on Sunday, 4th of August 2019. We aim to be a top tier PvE community that will be fighting for the top 3 server spots.

Our current roster has not raided or played together on Private Servers or actual Vanilla WoW. A newly made guild consisting of like-minded, determined and equally skilled people having the same goal. The creators of the guild and management are highly experienced both in vanilla and past/current expansions of World of Warcraft, having raided in guilds ranked top 10 to top 100 in the world in multiple end-contents. Having raided for so long, we have acquired and retained the competitive attitude that is required to run a stable and successful guild. However, we also know how important it is to have an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere surrounding the guild and the whole community. There will never be unnecessary elitism, destructive criticism or unnecessary time/schedule pushing. We want every member of our community to always feel welcome, wanted and relaxed, as we strongly believe that a happy guild-member is an effective and loyal guild-member.

We have already established a presence on Flamelash, being a top guild clearing all content in the opening weeks of WoW Classic. We are successfully raiding Molten Core 10/10 and Onyxia since the 12th September and the 15th September respectively.
In addition we have established a outstanding Network to claim Worldbosses for us.

Recruitment Status
If you wish to apply to our guild, check out #application-form channel on our Discord.
Class - Priority of recruitment Main raid

Druids - Low
Hunters - Low
Mages - Low
Priests - High
Rogues - Medium
Shamans - High
Warlocks - High
Warriors - Medium

We will always consider exceptional players, so don’t hesitate to apply! Were also creating a second raid group, which is looking for all classes.

Raid Schedule
Although complete P1/P2 Content is cleared in under 2h on Wednesday, following Raid Times are set for future Content.

Wednesday 19h - 23h / Thursday 19h - 23h / Sunday 19h - 23h

All times are Server Time / Central European Standard Time (CEST).

Contact Details:

Check out our Discord (channels open to public):

For any questions your might have, or if you would like to talk about recruitment, feel free to contact us on Discord:
Nik - Nik#7946
Rob - Rob#5568
Tmz - Totemized#4695
Nodon - Nodon#1670
Harri - Zakus#0573

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