[H] Shaman (and alts) looking for a guild



I am looking for a mature active guild (since mine is inactive for half a year) that accepts social members :slight_smile: . I am in my late 30’s, mainly play on Horde side, but I have characters of both factions. Been playing wow since TBC with a few breaks of various length. At the moment I don’t raid because I am seldom online at raid hours because its “sleepy time” for my daughter (I do sometimes PUG and I am often online after 23h). But I would like to find a guild for a chat and a M+.
Since I have lot of alts (and I would like to join guild with them aswell) I am not ready to change realms, so I would prefer guild on Scarshield Legion / Ravenholdt / The Venture Co / Sporeggar / Defias Brotherhood , and hopefully a guild where people are online even outside of raid times.