<H> Shimmy Shimmy Insurgency recruiting ALL!


Hello Draenor!

Shimmy Shimmy Insurgency is opening its gates to all players! We are a casual raiding guild that are progressing on Heroic BoD at the moment and are looking to recruit as many social and casual players into our guild as possible to increase our activity. We push mythic keys, run dungeons and level together etc and obviously have a casual raiding team which you are welcome to come along for as long as we have space and you can make the times/days.

We have been playing together for a long time so WoW isn’t the only game we play; we are very active on our guild discord and play a plethora of different types of games from. So if you’re looking to join a gaming community as well as a social raiding guild then we are the match for you!

If you are interesting in raiding with us these are our times.
Raid Schedule: Monday and Wednesday - 8:30pm-11:30pm Server time.

If you would like to join please add one of us and we can answer any questions you have :slight_smile:
Real ID:

Ret Paladin looking for a guild

Still searching!

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