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<Sincerity> [EU - Earthen Ring/DarkmoonFaire (ER/DMF) - Horde] is a casual to semi-hardcore raiding guild welcoming capable raiders looking for a new home. A nice personality and attitude are the core values of a good raider in our eyes. The guild’s name is more than just a name: it’s what we stand for.

We offer a unique, relaxed (and often rather humorous) raiding atmosphere where everyone is respected and welcomed. Having fun is still the most important aspect of raiding: the individual behind the computer screen matters, and if an issue arises (which can vary from a small argument to a lack of DPS) we do our very best to help you and sort it out. Our end goal is to have Heroic raids completely cleared, and then to push into Mythic as far as we can. However, a full clear of Mythic is not our focus - the focus remains on having fun. Outside of raiding, we have a bunch of other events, such as “social game night” (which usually ends up being Cards Against Humanity or Tabletop Simulator), active Mythic+ groups, etc.

We expect you to be a friendly, social person who is respectful of others and is willing to help them. In short, your personal values have to align with those of the guild – we don’t support egocentrism, selfishness, elitism or rude behaviour in general. Joining every raid is not obligatory, but of course, the more the merrier.

We are looking for raiders to join our Mythic roster for BfA. We have already cleared Heroic and are looking for extra raiders to smoothen our Mythic kills. Recruitment is currently open for both healers and DPS of any class.

Our raid times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 21:00 to 00:00 realm time (CET).

Interested? Message any member of Sincerity!
If you wish to talk straight to guild leadership:

  • Irae-EarthenRing
  • Ràigor-EarthenRing
  • Darksóul-EarthenRing
  • Palasin-EarthenRing

If you wish to talk straight to raid leadership:

  • Símba-EarthenRing
  • Lasp-EarthenRing

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