[H] <Slash GQuit> 3/8M Recruiting


<SlashGQuit> is a guild formed from a core of players who have raided together for many years, going back to Vanilla.

We have 2 mandatory raids a week from 8-11pm CET on Wednesday and Thursday (And Monday as an added optional day for a more casual raid).

Our primary aim is progressing mythic content with a little fun thrown in.
We use Discord for comms in raid and M+, silly memes, and just to party. Our one compulsory raid addon is Exorsus.

Currently looking for ranged DPS and a DPS Warrior to expand our roster so we can maintain mythic progress. We do still consider all players who show interest in us, regardless of class. Have a chat with any officers in-game for info (mostly online towards late afternoon/evening).

Officers (and alts):
Allieae (Lycorideae, Alliaceae)
Teatree (Lentox)

Casuals players and friends of raiders also very welcome at any level!


We are still looking for active members. A new spot as popped up for a healer. Primarily still looking for ranged DPS.

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