[H] <Sloppy Crits> EU-Stormscale. AotC. 1d/week

We’re recruiting for Shadowlands.

Aiming to clear heroic in a timely manner.
Sundays 17:00-21:00

Other content:
We’re also recruiting for m+ as it will be our main activity when not raiding.
Most of our players like all faucets of WoW and will also do a lot of BGs and Arenas.

You can reach me at Joppe#21348 or Jopful-Stormscale.

Detailed Description:
We’re an old guild but with new goals coming into Shadowlands. Our community has deep roots that go many years back for some of our members, the big change in Shadowlands is what type of content we’re aiming to do.

We’re looking to step foot into HC raids and organize m+ groups. In a relaxed manner with likeminded people who want to enjoy all faucets of WoW.

We’re recruiting people mainly for HC Raiding and M+ but we also like to queue BGs and arenas together for fun.

What we’re looking for in you as a player is to strive for playing your best but in a more relaxed environment, we want to build a strong community where we can have a good time together while still getting down bosses and pushing keys.

We don’t expect you to play whatever is the most meta nor do we force you to play any specific covenant, we want to bring the player. Not the class*. But we do expect you to perform above average for your role. Mechanics is #1. We’re not looking for people chasing logs, if that’s you, then swipe left.

We’re active on discord and use it as our main hub for communication outside of WoW, and we expect you to be a part of it as soon as you want to come out of your shell. And being present on Discord during organized content is of course a requirement.

*There will of course be a standard for this where if something is completely useless we won’t be able to make room for it. Do you wanna play feral? Cool, just pull your own weight.

Hi, Are you still recruiting?
My friend and I are currently looking for a guild for raiding in SL and may be interested.
we’re currently alliance but have no problems with swapping server/faction.