[H] Small group LF guild for 8.3


We are a small group currently on Stormscale and are looking to transfer to a larger and more active realm, due to Stormscale being a dying realm for raiding guilds.

We are all 8/8 HC, some of us 3/8M, with the majority of us having curve in all tiers this expansion. At the moment its confirmed we have a Shadow Priest, Disc Priest and Havoc DH, but we may have more people pending.

In regards to raid times and days; we are looking to raid 2 days a week in the evening but end no later than 11pm server time. We cannot raid on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

Feel free to add me on bnet if you have any questions: lochamocha#2839

Thanks for reading!

My guild The Obsidian Order is looking for multiple people to bolster our raid team. We’re a semi hardcore guild that is at 6/8 Mythic in EP. We raid on thursday, sunday and tuesday which I realise is one day more than you were looking to do but that’s why I’d like to have a chat about your expectations, what/who you are potentially bringing to the table and what we can offer you.
I’ll add your battletag (mine is Sangor#2581) .
I’m hoping we can have a chat soon.

Still looking for a guild. Please add the bnet from original post or reply here :).