[H] <Small Indie Guild> recruiting for weekend day time raids - 2/10M

Small Indie Guild is a recently formed progression guild based on Draenor. We’re currently taking our time to refine and build a quality roster to push for Mythic progression and hopefully Cutting Edge somewhere down the line this expansion. The core of us have been playing the game for a long time and we do have some CE achievements between us. We’ve pretty much seen it all over the years and we know what it takes to build a stable guild. That being said, this isn’t just a spur of the moment kinda thing. We’re in it for the long run and want to build something lasting with a nice atmosphere, while achieving good progress at the same time.

Recruitment status:
We’re currently particularly interested in ranged dps, and have a HIGH need for a disc priest.

Raid times:
Saturday 11:00 - 14:00
Sunday 11:00 - 14:00

We start invites at 10:45 and aim for our first pull to be at 11:00.
Our raid times are unconventional, but they are set up for people with irregular week schedules.

What we are looking for in a raider:

  • You play for the team and not solely for personal benefit.
  • You learn quickly and rarely make the same mistake twice.
  • You are vocal when needed and make quick, decisive calls.
  • You take initiative when it comes to dealing with mechanics.
  • You enjoy banter between pulls and like having a good time outside of raids.
  • You interact with the guild and are at least a bit social outside of raiding hours.
  • You are able to take constructive criticism and give it as well.

What we absolutely require:

  • You have very high raid attendance. Of course we understand important real life things have prio.
  • You put in some playing hours outside of raids to make sure your character is always on par.
  • You are always up-to-date with your class and raid mechanics.
  • You use weakauras and other addons to simplify dealing with mechanics.

About us:

  • We always strive to have a nice atmosphere, even during harsh progression that includes lots of wiping.
  • We have a fair loot council when it comes to items people don’t need, where we prio bis items for classes.
  • We value everyones opinion and treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.
  • We evaluate players through logs, which doesn’t mean just checking for parses.
  • We organize (optional) events such as N/HC clears for alts or mains who miss a certain gear piece.
  • We provide cauldrons, feasts and repairs from guild bank when we manage to sell enough BoE’s.

Want to apply?
We don’t have an application form. If you’re interested in joining, just reach out to one of the contacts below. We’ll dig into your playing history and follow up with a chat on Discord to find out more about you. We do expect a relevant amount of raid experience and achievements / logs when you apply, and that you’re ready to jump straight into Mythic progress.

bnet: Joneski#21916 / discord: Joneski#7147
bnet: Infernity#2168 / discord: Notnicky#5817
bnet: Coirid#21804 / discord Coirid#9786

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hey, what roles are you looking for?

Hi there,

We are currently considering every class and role. We’ve only just formed with a core of people after our previous guild changed its raid times and we were no longer able to raid with them.

More interested in finding the right people that fit in well, everything else we can still work around right now.

Thanks for your reply. We are a party of 4 friends, I’m currently playing tank as main brewmaster and vengance as main alt. The other 3 are dps having the following pairs: havoc and mm hunter, spriest and affliction warlock, sub/outlaw rogue and fire mage. Do you think that we would fit your comp?

Sure, we’d be up for a chat :slight_smile:
We can fit that in for sure.



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Updated with what we’re looking for :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for new members! High need for a Mage but all good applications will be taken into consideration.

Message one of the officers if you are intrested.

Mage mage mage!! Aside from hunters and WW, we’ve probably got space for most dps classes

We are now into the refining the raid team bit of guild-building :slight_smile:

We’re still looking for new members! High need for a Mage but all good applications will be taken into consideration.

Message one of the officers if you are intrested.

Roster is stabilizing more after recruiting over the last couple of weeks. Currently have a strong core going. Killed Sire HC and are looking to keep recruiting as we start progressing through Mythic.

High need for a mage at the moment and some other ranged DPS. But considering all good applications!

First two down on mythic - now we super-need a disc! And some extra ranged

Small Indie Guild is still looking for players to join our raid team!

We are in high need of the Disc Priest & Ranged Dps.
Other applications will be taken into account

Don’t hesitate and add one of the officers on battle.net or whisper someone ingame!

Looking for more ranged and a healer!

Still looking for ranged dps and a healer!

Bump, we’ve expanded our search in terms of what classes we can take in.

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