[H] Still A Pirate- 8/8HC Recruiting some dps

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<Still A Pirate>
is a guild born from a collection of people who wanted to get back to the fun of WoW and raiding without all the elitist clap trap that appears to go with it these days. What that means is we expect people to have a sense of humour, remember there are real live human beings behind the screen, keep to their commitments and enjoy beating the living daylights out of bosses in order to get our hands on all that lovely treasure :-)

Our raid team has done well so far in BFA, 8/8N Uldir , 8/8HC and 1/8M to date but we are currently in need of a few more DPS to cater to our excess of healers. ( I would love to heal G'huun to death but it won't let me.) In particular a DH, arms warrior and a lock would be great but all dps classes will be considered.

We raid
Mon - 7:45 to 22:30
Weds -7:45 to 22:30
these are our HC nights

we also run on Fridays 7:45 to whenever a normal Uldir bash to which all members are welcome.

For the HC raid we expect all members to have discord and the ability to speak! ( We don't bite!) DBM / Bigwigs, appropriate gems/enchants, a willingness to work with a team of people and a good knowledge of the raid be it from previous experience or from hitting the easily available guides. Our current team is built from a mixture of first time HC to 'Curve' ( god I hate that) players, some who have raided through every expansion and some who are just starting out.

We are open to all classes socially for those who just can't commit to raid schedules because of all that boring stuff like work, kids, paying the mortgage etc.

Think this could be a place to call home?
Contact me for a chat

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dps?????? where for art thou dps :)

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on the g'hunnt for some dps still :-)