[H] [Stormreaver EU] Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild

Hello! Looking to progress through all Mythic raiding as a Resto shaman. I have a good amount of experience raiding - Most recently was legion where I did the first few Mythic raids as a resto druid before the guild fell apart unfortunately. I’ve only recently picked up the expansion so I’m almost at level 60. I’ll gear up quickly though I’m sure.

I’ve some Warcraft logs from back then I can show. Around 85-95 Percentile mostly.

I can work around any raid times no problem. I’m willing to put substantial effort in this expansion. I’ll swap servers if its warranted.

Thanks in advanced!
Stay Safe

Hello! Are you still looking for a guild?

Hi Tokes,

Hope youre well.

We are currently looking for a restro shaman and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, add me on battle.net.


Hi @Tokes

Have a look and let me know!