[H][STORMREAVER] Tervaleijona is recruiting to bolster mythic roster

Just a little disclaimer: This guild is finnish and the whole purpose of this post is to reach out to Finnish players who happened to make their way into these realm forums in search of a guild.

This is also going to be brief:
We’re a Finnish guild but this post was decided to be written in English in case something else than English violates rules of the forum.

Tervaleijona is recruiting more people to bolster our Mythic roster. We’re at 3/8 Mythic at the moment and have had some trouble with people not being able to attend to raids due to various happenings of summer. So to counter that problem now and in future, we’re looking to recruit a few more people. We currently need a couple of ranged dps without any restrictions of class. Any other applicants will be considered too.

Our goal in raiding has been to clear the current content in mythic before next raid opens and this has been fairly successful before (wowprogress has more information on this). We plan to do the same in the current raid so we want people who at least think they can join us to fulfill our goal.

We raid 3 times a week on Wed, Thurs and Sun from 19:00 to 22:00 Finnish local time.

If you want more information, you can message me Cheonic#2456 or anyone in the guild in game or look for more information from wowprogress.

Guild Master Haeydez

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