[H] Stormscale, "Conventus" 3/8 M

“Conventus” 3/8 M is looking for laid back and mature players to expand our whole roster.

We gladly take ppl who are interested in raiding, but it is not mandatory, so all the players who are looking for a chill and relaxed atmosphere are welcome! We have also people who like to run keys and even push some higher keys (15+) and some ppl who also do PVP. Our main goal is to have fun in the game and create a healthy community in the guild.

Currently, our raid days are Sunday and Thursday 2000-2230 ST. Currently we are looking for ppl who are active in retail and intrested in raiding and doing progress with us.
Contact me here, in-game or by BTAG Grast# 2808 :slight_smile:

Hi! Mature player (37) I’m looking for a chill guild on Stormscale. I’m currently leveling (57) but my goal is to learn to raid when I finally get through to BfA of possible. I’m based in Scotland, UK :vulcan_salute:


First of all, let me start by saying I’m a returning player. I was Cutting Edge in Legion up to and including Guldan.

I was playing on NA servers as I was living in Canada for 4 years

I’ve been playing BFA for around 10 days now. I’m currently sitting at iLvL 429 and 65 Azerite Neck. I’m playing Havoc DH which was my main in Legion.

I’m looking for a solid guild which I can grow and learn in. I’ll initially look to join in on Normal and Heroic runs until I can prove myself and also learn the EP a little more whilst I also gear.

I’m available to raid every evening except Monday and Wednesday.

I would like a guild who do normal and heroic runs, I was in a guild called Ante Meridien in NA and we used to raid 3 nights a week for 4 hours each session. I loved it and would love to be in a more serious mature raiding guild. If you think there’s space for me and would maybe like to discuss further either reply here or add me on Discord - Preco#7847