[H] <Summit> Pve/Pvp Guild looking for raiders to fill out our core raid team!

:mountain_snow: Summit :mountain_snow:

About us:
We are your run of the mill English speaking raiding guild looking to fill out and complete our roster for full raiding groups with plans to clear all future content in a timely fashion.

All current content has been cleared as of 5/12-19


  • Know your class
  • Basic consumables

Raid times:
Thursdays and Sundays invites starting at 19:30, raid from 20:00-23:00

We are currently looking for all active Healers and DPS players

Loot system:
Master loot with rolls and a focus on BiS to transition to loot council on stabile groups

Interested? for more info
Ingame - /whisper Conhex, Sypherine or Warder

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