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Surge is a young guild formed by a bunch of experienced players looking to enjoy what the game has to offer. We have huge potential to grow as a raiding guild, but we boast a social side if raiding isnt your thing.

What we are Looking for;

-Raiding age is 20
-You can speak and understand English
-Be punctual and preparedfor raids
-Willingness to learn
-Someone that can handle constructive criticism
-Discord is a must, and you must have access to a mic
-Be respectful of other members race, sex, religion, etc

What we can offer;

-A community that is relaxed and laid back but stable
-A chance to improve your characters gear
-The chance to learn and improve
-Players with the same mindset
-Raiding in a casual environment
-A wow Family

For the time being we are still building a casual raid team before moving onto hardcore. Our raid times will start from 20:00 to 23:00, Our days havn’t been decided yet so help us decide.

If you want to grow with Surge please either reply here, Message or mail myself (Axonation), Steakshield or Shamze.

Or contact me on Discord

Looking forward to be hearing from you.

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