[H] Swiftshade (6/8H) is recruiting!

Swiftshade is recruiting for Vault of the Incarnates!

We are a newly formed guild, composed from experienced heroic and mythic raiders, looking to consistently push mythic in Dragonflight on a 2 night/week schedule. We are looking for raiders, who know how to have fun, but also able to be serious when it comes to progression. Next to the listed priority classes we are always open for exceptional players.


  • consistent (85%+) attendance
  • mechanical knowledge and awareness
  • at least HC experience from recent tiers
  • 390ilvl+ gear
  • able to write/understand English

Recruitment priority:

  • death knight (frost / unholy) – high
  • warlock (any spec) – high
  • hunter (mm / survival) – high
  • monk (windwalker) – high
  • evoker (preservation) – high
  • shaman (elemental) – medium
  • druid (restoration / balance) – low
  • monk (mistwalker with ww offspec) – low

Current progress: 6/8H

Raid times: Monday 19.30-22.30; Thursday 19.30-22.30

If you are interested make sure to reach out to us on discord/ingame:

  • Sunderbluff (GM) discord: Sunderbluff#7350
  • Swifskully (Officer) discord: SwifSkully#2648
  • Sendvar (Officer) discord: Sendvar#5345
  • Welithel (Officer) discord: SimonNagy#5981, battletag: SimonNagy#2193

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