[H] <Synergize> [Shazzrah] - LF Merge / Community Leader

Who are we?

We are Synergize we have two mythic Cutting Edge teams in Retail wow. We boast a large community, who loves to enjoy PvE as well as PvP content in the game, we also venture out and play some community games from time to time.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Raid Leader or Guild/Community who would be interested in a merger with us. We would like to offer the current guild the chance to raid in TBC. We have around 15-20 members of our Retail Guild interested in playing TBC to a decent standard, players with experience and skill.

What can we offer?

    • Active Guild on Retail and Classic with years of experience and multiple Cutting Edge and PvP Gladiator Experience.
    • Active Discord with your own private channels for raid, dedicated just for you and your team.
    • Offer yourself or any lead, the officer privileges’ we all have.
    • Have a community leadership who will help and assist in all aspects, recruitment, tactics and more.
    • You and your leaders alone, would have full control of team selection, raid times, etc etc.
    • We will also add the team to our website and promote any streams, plus record all videos and images to our website so you and the people can check back in many years time to reminisce.
    • A guild who will offer to pay all gold costs of creation, tabard etc - who will also assist in consumable costs etc.
    • A guild who can offer the bridge from both games, so should any classic player choose to want to play retail, we have all sorts of mythic teams available (dependent on space) plus social heroic runs and social activities.

What are our requirements?

We would like an active and fun leader and community who will work with us to build a super fun roster who will have a blast playing arguable one of the best expansions the game has ever created.


If you are interested in reaching out and have a chat, I would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to add my Discord - Preco#7847
You can also check our website out, should you like to see our retail goals and achievements: https://synergize-kazzak.com
Thank you for your time.

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