[H] Tank and healer looking for guild

(Divinebanana) #1

Hello there everyone!

We are planning to change servers with my fiancée due to the fact, that Horde isn’t very well represented on Wildhammer. To help us decide where to go for our next big adventure, we want to find a guild before we actually transfer anywhere.

What are we looking for?

  • Mythic raiding guild
    Progress is fun, doesn’t need to have full clear
  • 2-3 days a week,
  • Good people attendance
    We really… REALLY… don’t like preparing for raids that don’t happen, because not enough guild members came online
  • Preferably guild with mature players

What can we give in return?

  • A tank and healer that come prepared, with almost 100% attendance,
  • Voice enabled, chatty couple,
  • Achievement oriented gameplay,
  • Experience in mythic raiding.


  • Paladin cow tank, that changes transmogs way too often,
  • Holy belf priest… that needs to deal with the guy above.

Final thoughts?

If you want to have a chat outside of the forums, here is my battletag:

  • Banana#21186

Happy New Year and see you soon in a guild near you!