[H] Tank looking for a home on Dreadmist

I am currently levelling in the 30-40 bracket as an arms warrior. My goal is to get to endgame, run 5 mans, the BIS grind and attunements leading into running raids as tank or off tank/damage.

Not really looking for any hard-core stuff, this was my focus in vanilla when I cleared all content as protection warrior up to Naxxramas in my late 20s. Now I am 40 with a small child, alternating nights to put the child to bed and 6am CET alarm clock to get up for work so hard-core does not fit my lifestyle and commitments.

Something a little more chilled, but not a social levelling guild, it has to be a guild with an endgame goals and nothing that spams in general or barrens chat for more members. Looking for a community, where people know each other and do content together.

English is my native language due to being an Australian, but I have Swedish as a second language so I am open to Nordic/Scandinavia guilds if they can tolerate me writing in English in guild chat.

Whisper me in game: Reload

Thanks for your time.