[H] - [Tarren Mill] - 12/12 hc- 5/12m - Looking for committed members for mythic progression and m+

Thanks for taking a look here;

Our guild has many skill levels from retired + active top 10 to fresh starters here at keystone we believe talent can be grown and discovered we also believe that we can only be as successful as the community we have around us.

Keystones Vision

  • Grow in success each Raid Tier, place higher on the server and in the world.
  • Grow a Thriving Community, be accessible and open


Within our guild we recruit and trial for our mythic raid team, long term positions are earned by attitude, attendance and skill these elements are under constant review by the leaders.

Raid Schedule - (Server Time)

  • Wed - Mythic - 20:00 - 23:00
  • Friday - Heroic - 20:00 - late
  • Sunday - Mythic - 20:30 - 23:00

All guild members can schedule heroic raids in calendar at any time suiting them if they are willing to lead them.

Mythic +

A key element of our thriving community is M+ there are once again many different skill levels of folks in the guild helping each other constantly it is a usual occurrence that on an evening we have 60+ people online simultaneously helping each other out.

Casual / Social

We mentioned that we believe that we are only as successful as our community so we do also have a Heroic night where by we support the guild later in the expansion to enable people to achieve curve and Pug more effectively this is super useful for people who play less time but still want to contribute to the guild raiding.

There are also people who farm and support the guild efforts via crafting which we love them for, and would welcome anyone who also this passion for the non-raiding elements of the game.

Join Today, be part of something BIG!

= Auto =

please contact - Autopops#1822 for further info


bear says hi

Hivemind kill was nice progress tbh

sure was, we would love a monk dps to fill our ranks

We need a monk!!!

No need to be shy :slight_smile:

Speak to Autopops and get onto our Discord.

bear came back

join this guild and meet a bear

Drest gath progression going well!

LF Fire mage squad

i got a brewmaster monk 475 ilvl if you’r interested add phftevie#2297 on battlenet

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