[H] [Tarren Mill] Certified Pumpers 5/10 M Looking for dps and healers

We are a group of friends that decided to make a raiding guild. We are seeking serious-minded players for M+ and mythic raiding in 9.1 and onwards.

Got 8/10 CN SLG happened

Currently 5/10 M SoD


Wednesday - 21:15-00:15 (Server Time)

Sunday - 21:15-00:15 (Server Time)

Aside from raiding, we have a healthy focus on Mythic+ dungeons. With a friendly respectful atmosphere and an active discord. Most of us have been playing this game since vanilla. We are looking for short fat men who are in stagnant relationships and are able to ignore there significant other.


AV2006#2328 on bnet or AV2006#5653 on discord

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Also we’re really awesome people! Well most of us anyway :slight_smile:

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