[H] [Tarren Mill] <Core Elite> Recruiting for 9.1, 2 day raiding

[Core Elite] is a PvP/PvE guild ready to climb and clear content in 9.1.

Our PvE schedule is;
Wednesday & Sunday - 19:45st - 23:00 st

PvE Recruitment

We are currently looking for 1-2 Healer’s and 1-2 dps to bolster our Mythic roster.
Our tier 1 progression is 10/10HC, 4/10Mythic.

Our goal this season is to push as far as possible into Mythic with Cutting Edge in sight.
We aim to maintain a team of relaxed, like-minded players who enjoy thriving in all aspects of the game.
We are looking for individuals who can bring a friendly but focused mindset, do not fear mistakes and come prepared. Toxicity is not tolerated. New and seasoned players are all welcome :slight_smile:

PvP Recruitment.

Our schedule is;
Rbg days: Thursday & Monday - 20:00st.
Low cr/Alt rbgs: Saturday - 20:00st

We are currently in need of 1 Healer , 1 Boomie/Guardian and 1 Rogue to complete our main team. We ended season 1 with 2040CR, 2150MMR.
A good attitude with a willingness to adapt and be vocal is important.

M+ is also frequent throughout the week to push keys/KSM and complete weekly’s. If you have any questions or want to find out more, add me on alpha#2296 :slight_smile:

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Currently looking for 1 more healer and a lock or priest to complete our Mythic Roster. If you are not one of these specs, feel free to add me for a chat as we are always looking for driven players to join.


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