[H] [Tarren Mill] <Despicable> Recruiting for HC Raid and M+ Content

Despicable is a reformed Legion raiding guild, currently looking for active players who are interested in running Sepulcher on Heroic and doing M+ content. We run a lot of M+ daily, as most members have a few alts and we never mind helping out someone new or someone gearing up a newer alt.

Our raiding schedule will be on Thursdays and Saturdays from 21:00 - 00:00 realm time.

We maintain a fairly active discord and there are usually at least a few people on throughout the day looking to run some form of content so you’ll always be able to make groups.

We are currently accepting all classes and players regardless of experience. If you don’t want to raid but would like a solid group to run dungeons with or even just to socialize with feel free to apply. (18+ only please)

For more info or to apply you can reach out to us on BNet or Discord;

Vubi012#2896 (BNet) // Vubi011#9318 (Discord)

ShaqAttack#21467 (BNet) // ShaqAttack#8063 (Discord)

plam#21164 (BNet) // Vlad Plam#0440 (Discord)


Thank you to everyone who showed interest.
We are still recruiting as we finalize the formation of our raid team.
All classes and specs are still welcome with an emphasis on RDPS.
Socials are always welcome.

<3 The team at Despicable.

Hey, please note that we are still recruiting - all are welcome to ouch chill environment.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Still looking for people :slight_smile:

We have created a cros faction community as an extension of the guild also for any alliance who would be interested in playing with us

Cross Faction Despicable should be listed in community finder

returning player looking to get back into serious raiding again. sharpey#2940 if you want to talk. Cheers :slight_smile: