[H-Tarren-Mill] - <Echo> - 6/8M - 3 Night Raiding

Echo is a newly transferred and newly named guild, formerly known as Mutiny from Magtheridon. In Battle of Dazar’alor we had taken down 6/9M and 2/2HC in The Crucible of storms.

With the 8.2 raid now open we have achieved 6/8HC in our first two raid nights, and now have curve. We’ve made headway into Mythic sitting at 6/8M with our full focus on mythic progression.

We are a relatively good sized guild ranging from the hardest of cores to the casualiest of socials, and we are looking for anyone smart enough to join us. We recently transferred with over 20 of our players and are now looking to fill our roster. We are a mythic guild but we understand the need for that pesky real life taking importance.

What are we looking for?
We are now looking specifically for an exceptional ranged DPS player, any application will be considered regardless of role, and if we find it to be a decent one, you will be given a fair shot at your desired role.

When do we raid?
Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. 20-23 Server.

Our raids are a mixture of serious derriere kicking (mostly ours) sometimes the bosses, mid-tier bants and the occasional merriment

So what are you waiting for?

For more info please check out our guild site or contact me on battlenet.


Recently renamed, but we are still looking for new members.

Changed the website to our new one, and updated information.

Updated this as we are now 5/8M.

Updated as we are now 6/8M