[H] [Tarren Mill] <Riptide> 3/10Mythic LF Dps/Possible raidlead

Hello there, Riptide is a new guild consisting of a bunch of guys who got 9/10 Mythic CN last tier and decided we were done with looking for a guild and decided to make our own!
We all met on WoW and chill in discord/run keys most days and are probably some of the most chill people you’ll meet in WoW.

We raid Wednesday/Thursday from 8pm ST- 11PM

We’re looking for reliable dps, preferably ranged but exceptional melee should feel free to get in touch!

Reasons you should join
#1. We have a longboy,
#2. Number one.

Add me on Bnet if you’d like to talk. RatZ#21228 Discord@Rat#9062

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