[H] Tarren Mill<Dark Tide> Looking for more players get

I am Quilthalas an old CE raider, mythic plus pusher who had 3.5K+ raider io score in Legion &BFA and I am back for Dragonflight!

We have a tight-knit group of core raiders, most of our core has mythic raiding experince in Legion&BFA.
The Dark Tide is a reformed guild in 2023,
Our core players have been together more than 5 years. We have returned in dragonflight and looking for more people to progress with us with.
Right now we need everyone who are a team-player and want to progress AOTC with us. After that we will dip into Mythic raiding.
Our goal is to continue this rate of growth with people like-minded as we are.

We firmly beleive in building an enviroment where players can feel at home no matter their background, as well as giving eager players the oppurtunity to shine.

We are a very active and happy bunch and are looking for more solid players to strive with.We value friendship, being a team-player and raid attendance.

Outside of raids we do spend alot of time together and usually do other content such as pushing Mythic+ and gear alts. We have been at least AOTC every tier since Legion and usually had slow and steady mythic progress on the side.

What class/role we’re looking for at the moment:
Currently we need any players who understands the game mechanics are acceptable. No matter the gear score or experience in Dragonflight

Raid Times/Hours:
Sunday 19.30 - 22:30 Servertime
Wednesday 19.30 - 22:30 Servertime

If this sounds interesting to you do not hesitate to add me on B-tag or join our discord server.

Quilty #2636
Rick/Sarge #5651

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