(H) TarrenMill/ Looking for a Guild :)



im currently looking for a guild. Im 22 and Bfa is my first real expansion. Started playing in Legion when Argus was already out and everyone waiting for the pre-patch. I had a Guild at the start of Bfa and raided Uldir (Hc and a few Mythic bosses). After Uldir i took a pause and started playing again, a month after BoD came out. All i did till then was pugging M+ and didnt bother raiding pretty much. Im more the M+ guy but 10-20 man hc raids are totally fun too. I coudnt find a guild in that time and took a break again. 8.2 sounds rly exitign and i want to experience the new raid and mega dungeon with more people, because pugging all the time and playing solo is rly boring most of the time.
If you have a Guild and currently looking for a DH (maybe wm monk or rogue/ my alts but dh is my best class/ all DPS) you can add me.
#Vanidar 2978 and for the people interested here is my RIO name:
Shììna - TarrenMill

Positive repplies are appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Merlin - Shììna


Looking for 1 healer and ranged DPS to bolster our roster. Sitting at around 15 active raiders right now.

Tanks are now full so no longer accepting any main tanks but happy to speak with melee DPS who have a tank off spec.
Melee DPS in general are also welcome.

Add Riddesu#2266 or me Mods#2952

(Sindorie) #3

blazed redemption on tarren mill 6/9 hc and 2/2 nm are looking for more members. if u wanna give a officer a /w u can get more info from us if ur wanting more or even an inv :stuck_out_tongue: