[H-Tauren-RP] Dance of the Earth Mother gathering

Aparoshe Stampede will also be withdrawing from the event as well. Apologies to anybody who expected to see us there.

I blame Carbek


Don’t we all?

Hello everyone,

As there have been a few more changes to the event, I thought it best to pack everything into one night and open it up to all Horde races who would be interested in experiencing a little bit of the Tauren rp.

It’s a slimmed down line up, but I think that should be plenty for one night!

It will now be on Sunday 4th July with the schedule as follows:

19:30 Opening ceremony
20:30 Chronicles of Shu’halo
21:30 Totem Throwing

The opening ceremony meet up will be at the base of Red Cloud Mesa at 19:30 game time.

Sign up for events on the night.

I’m really sorry for the short notice changes (I’ve made changes to the main post to reflect these) and hopefully see a few of you there :smile:


This couldn’t be further from the truth. I can’t even attend.

And that’s why ur to blame…Dog.

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carbek killing tauren rp yet again


Will do my best to try and show up! Hope you have room for the neighbourhood friendly Magister! Absolutely recommend the folks of Spiritwood for anyone looking for really good Tauren RP!


Thank you for everyone who came and congratulations to Custo for winning the totem throwing competition.

It was lovely to see you all and I hope you had as much fun as me.

On that note, good night and thank you again :smiley:


Congrats Custo!

Thanks for making the event Akule, really enjoyed it! :heart:

Also thanks to everyone who used tongues potions for me!


My Tauren doesn’t appear to show up in the list but I (The dead Tauren) very much enjoyed the event and everyone at it :smiley:


Good times were had! Could have used more dancing, but when is there ever not enough dancing? Thanks for hosting this! It was good fun, with some creative events to boot!

Preparing to climb the Red Cloud Mesa for the opening ceremony.

Making sacrifices at the altars of Mu’sha and An’she on the way to the top.

Opening ceremony at the top of the mesa.

Storytelling in Bloodhoof Village.

And the finale of the evening: Totem tossing!


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