[H] The Asylum, community guild, 8/8 HC

(Shadowspice) #1
The Asylum is looking for you!

We are a tight-knit community guild whose main focus is that everyone has fun doing whatever they want to. We place a strong emphasis on the social aspect of the game, which means we do a lot of activities together as a guild, and have a very active guild chat as well as discord.

We’re pretty small, a kinda everyone knows everyone type of guild, which we want to keep.
If you’re looking for a guild where you can log in and do a dungeon run or two, while having fun with our crazy members on discord, you’ve found the right guild!

We also do heroic raiding together, and are looking to fill out our raiding roster with a few new people, mainly healers and ranged DPS. We raid twice per week, Fridays and Tuesdays, with heroic progression on Fridays, and normal runs on Tuesdays. Ideally, you wouldn’t have any trouble switching to an alternate role for raids, if needed, so we can keep the roster as cohesive as possible. M+ runs are done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

So we’re looking for purely social members as well as people who want a community but also like raiding and doing M+ dungeons on a regular basis. To that effect, we’re looking for the following classes:

DK: Frost, Unholy
Druid: Balance, Restoration
Hunter: Marksmanship, Beast Mastery
Monk: Mistweaver, Windwalker
Paladin: Holy, Retribution
Priest: Holy, Discipline
Shaman: Restoration, Elemental
Warrior: Arms

Raid times are 20:00 - 23:00 server time
M+ events start at 19:00 server time

Of course, any classes are welcome as socials! If you want to have a chat, contact Wicta on Stussy1888#2582, Chaos on Littlechaos#21487 or our GM on Peajay81#2436

(Shadowspice) #2
Yesterday we took down two new bosses in heroic Uldir, making us 5/8!

(Mikadim) #3
We are still looking for more awesome players :)

(Wicta) #4
Still looking for a few more to fill out our raid roster, socials also more than welcome!

(Shadowspice) #5
Zul HC has now been smacked to death, feel free to join us in slapping the remaining ones!

(Shadowspice) #6
Mythrax down, only blood boy left!