[H] <The Company> - Guild Now Recruiting! [HC Raiding+, M+, and more!]

We are now recruiting the below:

Windwalker Monk

Recruiting DPS for HC Raid Team, especially monk and warrior.

Interested if you can fit in DH(190) Fury Warrior(194) and MW Monk(192)

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Thanks for your interest however we are currently full on healers for the core raid team.

We can discuss further on Discord if needed!

sure ill send you a msg later today

For our raid team, we are recruiting the below:

Mage (Fire preferred)
Balance Druid
One spot for a general DPS - class doesn’t matter.

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Currently we are only recruiting another mage or balance druid to our raid team.

We are also starting a rated BG team, so feel free to contact us about that!

For our raid team we have one spot and are recruiting a ranged dps.

Feel free to contact us on Discord otherwise.

Raid Team: Recruiting a secondary (or primary if you’d like) Raid Leader. Ranged DPS preferred.

Also recruiting for M+/socials, as well as for our Rated Battlegrounds Team!

Recruiting a mage for the raid team.

For social / m+ etc all are welcome!

For the raid team we are recruiting:

1x Mistweaver Monk - May consider other healer classes
1x DPS of any kind.

If you’re interest feel free to drop us a message on Discord!

Recruiting a healer and a dps for the raid team.

For socials etc all are welcome.

For the Raid Team we are recruiting the following:

  • Healer - Any Spec
  • DPS - Any Spec

Recruiting only a healer for the raid team. Currently on 9/10.

For the raid team we are recruiting the following:

1x DPS
1x Healer

Any class for either of the above can be considered.

Recruiting a DPS and a Healer for the raid team.

Recruiting a DPS (ranged preferred, not required) and a healer.

Currently 9/10 on HC.

Recruiting a healer and a DPS for HC raid team

Recruiting one healer and perhaps another DPS for the HC raid team.

Raid team is full, however we are happy to recruit more benched raiders, socials and M+ etc.