[H] The Dark Rebellion Recruiting

The Dark Rebellion is a small guild that takes pride in what we do collectively as a community, valuing playing well and game progression. We believe in getting to know our members as people, not characters. To us, what matters is not what we do, or how quickly we do it, but with whom it is done. Our sense of achievement comes from trying together, learning together and ultimately succeeding together.

We currently run a fixed raid team that raids on Thursdays and Tuesdays at 8:30-10:30PM server time. As a raid team, our goal is heroic progression and at the time of writing, mythic raiding is not something we are looking to pursue.

In a raider, we are looking for committed players who can play their main class and spec proficiently whilst being able to handle mechanics but more importantly, we look for players who are willing to learn and improve.

Other Activities
We are a guild of active players who enjoy partaking in a wide range of in-game activities, be it pushing keys, joining battlegrounds, or running old content for achievements or collectables.

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